Goldbugs & Silverbugs can make their voices heard at this PUBLIC MEETING to “advise the Secretary of the Treasury on any theme”. That sounds like an opportunity…

By now, most of you have read Jon Hilsenrath’s mindless, tone-deaf, idiotic attempt at humor published by the Wall Street Journal this week. If not, here it is: A Letter to Stingy American Consumers.
What you may not have seen, are the 179 comments published in response to the article.  At least 95% of them consist of justifiable crushing criticism toward the cluelessness of this Federal Reserve apparatchik masquerading as a journalist.
While I am strongly against vigilante style violence as a solution to our societal problems, the incredibly frequent calls for him and other “elites” to be strung from lampposts is certainly notable.
People are very angry, and this anger will explode at some point in a very nasty way unless the status quo is discarded.

Here are the top 20 comments from the post: (In highlighting them, I am not endorsing any calls for violence)

Ron PaulRon Paul is a guy who talks about things others don’t talk about; who doesn’t back down; who doesn’t suck up to establishment players;  and, to top it off, is almost always right.
The memo has apparently gone out: Don’t mention this guy or his ideas or policy prescriptions.
If someone with real and great influence did offer a public “mea culpa” about Ron Paul and begin to preach from his campaign playbook, Paul’s ideas would suddenly move from the “cult” fringe into the mainstream.
This would qualify as as a terribly “dangerous” development to TPTB and the cronies who game the status quo system,  but potentially life-saving (or nation saving) stuff to the rest of us.
However, Paul’s issues WILL be reconsidered one day soon.  
I predict that one day the nation’s voters WILL clamor for a politician with Ron Paul’s views to become president.
This will most likely occur after the economic system has crashed, after hyper-inflation has ravaged families and businesses, after the paper fiat dollar is rejected.   And, oh yeah, after gold and silver have probably become too expensive for almost anyone to buy.
This “revolution” in outlook will occur when the majority of Americans (and even economists and politicians) come to realize that the things Ron Paul said we’re going to cause a crisis of historic proportions actually did.

silver precipiceThough we’re constantly reassured by financial pundits and the Federal Reserve that the stock market is not a bubble and that valuations are fair, there is substantial evidence that suggests the contrary.
The Approaching Inevitable Market Reversal…comes closer every day. 

What most of us, the “right wing extremists”, want, is peace.  The peace to pursue our lives without excess government intervention.   We want to own our guns, garden on our land, not be unduly taxed without fair representation, and not be held to unreasonable restrictions on our own property.   We don’t wish to be stopped and harassed by brutal uniformed revenue generator thugs (aka, cops).
We expect, without variation,  the protections guaranteed to us by the US Constitution, that’s all.

According to the insane, left-leaning definition, I’m a terrorist…You’re a terrorist….Hey!  We’re all right wing extremist terrorists!
Well, if that is extremism, I guess you’d better sign me up. 

We have forty Centuries of Wage and Price Controls’ and their inevitable failure to draw upon.  We know how this game ends, we just don’t know precisely when.
As Orwell wrote, “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
The reality bears restating: as the good folk of Incrementum rightly point out, “…the monetary experiments currently underway will have numerous unintended consequences, the extent of which is difficult to gauge today.
Gold, as the antagonist of unbacked paper currencies, remains an excellent hedge against rising price inflation and worst case scenarios.”

If you haven’t been following the unfolding drama at the Bundy Ranch about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas you need to start now. The escalating confrontation between irate local residents and federal agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has the potential to take a very dangerous turn for the worse at any moment, as hundreds of militia members from states across the country are expected to descend upon the area and make a stand with 67-year-old Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.
The kindling for social upheaval has been growing in America for quite some time.
The question in my mind has always been what will the catalyst be to spark the brushfire? Will it be the Bundy Ranch?

Nero obamaThe country may be going in the wrong direction, but born Libertarians Dr. Ron Paul and Doug Casey are enjoying the power of sowing dissension by spreading ideas. In this interview at the Casey Research 2013 Summit in the wake of Ron Paul’s keynote address, Casey tells The Gold Report why he believes the U.S. is looking more like ancient Rome in its final days and how he is planning for the coming crisis—in another country watching on his big-screen television.