Mike Rivero says there is nothing the United States can do about it because “we can’t just declare war on the entire world all at once”. There is still time to protect ourselves and our families, but there will be no advanced warning of when it’s too late…

Brother John F is urging people to exit their dependency on the banking system. We are being led to financial slaughter, and massive sea changes in silver have begun…

David Morgan demonstrates the real world tightness of the silver market. If there is anyone who thinks they can simply jump on the train before it leaves the station, they might want to reconsider…

With controversy swirling around conspiracy and rigging of gold & silver, where’s the hard evidence and real proof that the world biggest bullion banks and brokerage houses have been conspiring with full complicity of sovereign governments for decades to unnaturally suppress metals prices to manage public sentiment and prop us confidence in a hollow fiat banking & irrecoverably indebted political power system? 

gold-and-silverWith the U.S. Dollar and all other debt-based fiat currencies increasingly at risk, if we lose our familiar units of measure – how will the necessities of life be priced after a financial crisis?
Brother John F returns to advise how much precious metal makes sense to insure you have the vital basics covered, and what’s going on with the direction of Gold and Silver as we head into the end of the year…

collapse-endAre Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter right to claim: “The Most Dangerous Period in History is Today”?
Bix Weir returns to warn of critical risks in our global banking and monetary systems, and what specific actions we can take to prepare for the rough transition to a new system to come.

ride-rocket-upIs the gold & silver breakout failing, or just consolidating for the next leg of the current secular bull market?
The Silver and Gold September Price Breakout is consolidating at support levels:  What’s next?
David Morgan returns to provide a critical gold and silver market update:

collapse-end-fireEurope’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is on the ropes and Germany is vowing not to bail it out.
Like the Lehman 2008 collapse, will Deutsche Bank’s derivative web pull down the rest of Europe and the world’s banking system with it?
Proprietary precious metals and markets analyst Rob Kirby issues a MUST LISTEN WARNING and also weighs in on which nation have accumulated the critical mass of gold to emerge as global leaders after the looming crisis…

The Doc joined Reluctant Preppers for an interview discussing his take on the markets and metals in 2015: 

  • How Central Bank actions can suddenly and dramatically affect you!
  • The Race to Debase is on!
  • Peter Schiff’s prediction for QE4 in 2015 & China to de-peg the Yuan from the Dollar- implications including a massive loss of purchasing power for the average US citizen!
  • Have Gold & silver have bottomed?
  • What’s REALLY going on with inflation? Oil & gas prices dropping vs. inflation in the money supply & price inflation health care and the stock market!
  • Bold expectations​ ​of what the next 12-18 months hold for Gold & Silver!The Doc’s full interview is below: 

SDBIs NOW the Right Time for Silver?

In this exclusive interview with Reluctant Preppers, precious metals advocate The Doc from SilverDoctors.com & SDBullion examines the essential points that must be considered when deciding whether NOW is the right time for silver.

The Doc discusses where we are at in the current secular bull market, market psychology, physical demand trends he’s seeing in the market, and what the final blow-off tops in gold & silver are likely to look like. 
The Doc covers how he recommends strong your precious metals (storage MUST be allocated & segregated), discusses what lies ahead in 2014 for Gold and Silver, and explains why we should listen to Eric Sprott & Jim Sinclair’s outlooks for Gold and Silver in 2014.

Is NOW the right time for silver?  SDBullion’s founder breaks down the PM market below: