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The Equities and Bond Markets have been riding The Big Kahuna of Fed, ECB, Bank of England (and now the Bank of Japan’s) Q.E. et al. for several Years Now.
But for how much longer can Investors expect to ride these Market Boosting Central Bank Injections and other Interventions before Disaster strikes and the use of QE reveals itself to be clearly Counter Productive?
Increasingly, these Interventions are seen to be Disasters:

monkey moneyBy Bill Holter:

Ben Bernanke testified last week about the Fed’s “exit strategy”.  As I’ve written before, there is none, there can’t be one, and there never will be one!  Every time in the past when the Fed let up (even just a little) on the accelerator the markets (and economy) would begin a hissy fit.  Now, the Fed is even funding the European banking system as reported by Zerohedge  .

Last week, the Fed injected $99 billion which all ended up in Europe.  Why?  Suffice it to say…”they had to”.  This was done as I just mentioned at the SAME TIME Bernanke was testifying about the “exit strategy”.

silver precipiceIn his latest market update, Greg Mannarino states that silver is at the edge of a massive breakout, and that the metal remains the most undervalued asset in the history of the world- but not for long.

Mannarino states that we are standing at the precipice of a major upwards move in silver, and that the Fed will soon step in and increase the rate of quantitative easing and expand the scope of QE4, unleashing a flood of new counterfeited currency into the economy. 

Mannarino examines the cup and handle on silver’s weekly chart, and believes silver will run to $38 nearly immediately once silver’s current consolidation near $31.80 is able to take out $32 to the upside.

Silver- at the edge of a massive upside breakout? Mannarino’s full update is below: