T. Ferguson: Is it Time to Buy the Miners?

mali goldIt appears that we may have finally found The Bottom in this drawn out and painful decline.
Of the more encouraging signs since the first of the year has been the UP tick in the HUI and most of the mining stocks.
Is this just a blip or are we in the early stages of a reversal and rally?

And if we have found The Bottom in the shares, which ones should we consider possessing as the rally continues? C’mon in. Let’s take a look.
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Eric Sprott Addresses Questions On Sale Of PSLV Shares

sprottSilverDoctors.com Exclusive
By Eric Dubin

Numerous questions have been raised about Sprott’s recent sales of Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV).  SilverDoctors.com has never had any reason to doubt the integrity of Eric Sprott.  We’d like to put the speculation to rest.
On Tuesday, April 16th Eric Sprott held a conference call with institutional investors.  We tuned into the call.  He made a point of commenting about the sales: [Read more...]

18.3 M oz SLV Deposit & JPM’s New Silver Vault: JPM Discovers Way to Bypass COMEX Re-entry Process

shell-game1Submitted by AboutAG:

Why Was 18.3Moz of Silver Deposited into the SLV Jan 16th?

The obvious answer is “JPM opened a new warehouse!”.
However, that does not answer the question, as only 10 Moz went into their new warehouse.

The experts seem to agree that one of the most plausible explanations is that JPM closed out their short position in SLV.
One or more people have 17,016,600 shares of SLV short (about 16,458,115oz) at last count (which could be a couple weeks old). It is believed that JPM is likely responsible for much or all of that short position. The unexplained addition of 17,410,210.4oz to SLV (remember, 967,881.6oz are considered a ‘normal deposit’) would cover the entire short position and then some. Or if another 967,881.6oz (1M shares) were a normal deposit, that would leave 16,442,329.4oz unaccounted for, almost exactly matching the short position.

It appears that JPM has found a way to bypass the COMEX re-entry process, making the transfer of bars from SLV to COMEX and vice-versa extremely simple.
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Silver Mining Stocks Set to Explode as Market Forces Terminate Metals Manipulation

By SD Contributor SRSrocco:

While it is true that the gold & silver miners have underperformed the bullion… I believe we are going to see a different story in these stocks in the next several years.  Right now, you can’t give the da*n things away.  Of course, it’s not as bad as the end of 2008… early 2009, but the sentiment is pretty bad.

I believe the gold and silver miners have been hammered… yes.  I disagree with many of those on KWN that the stocks are way UNDERVALUED… they AIN’T

I believe the stocks are being properly valued to the price of the metals… however, we all know the metals are manipulated.
Once we start to see the revaluation of GOLD to some trade settlement backing and we have a devaluation of the dollar, there will be a huge run into precious metals… probably before hand as well as the stocks.
Money will have to flow into gold and silver stocks. [Read more...]

Sprott’s PSLV Announces Follow-On Silver Offering

Sprott’s PSLV Thursday announced a follow-on offering, the proceeds of which will again be used to acquire physical silver bullion.
The offering will be made in both the US and Canada by Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital Markets. [Read more...]