Orwell 1984Last weekend, the Washington Post reported a new, McCarthy-type black list of “fake” political news sites. The mainstream reporting of the the current economic news is now so pathetic and biased that there will no doubt soon be a similar list of “fake” economic news sites.

crashGold is bad, gold coins are being counterfeited, gold doesn’t pay interest, gold is a pet rock.
These are scare tactics designed to keep people out of the gold market and, more specifically, to keep their wealth within the reach of the banksters and the government. ..

The British Army will revive one of the most contentious special forces units of the second world war, the Chindits, as a new generation of “Facebook” warriors who will wage complex and covert information and subversion campaigns.

Here we go again.  The second Bush administration successfully used propaganda and spiked intelligence to fabricate vastly exaggerated claims that Saddam Hussein possessed an active weapons of mass destruction program right up to the US invasion of Iraq.
Now, the Obama Administration and allies (Germany, in particular) appear to be setting the stage for outdoing Bush administration lies… 

Civil disobedience is as American as apple pie. In fact, one of the most memorable moments in the formation of the republic was the Boston Tea Party, a much celebrated and historic act of civil disobedience.
From colonists dressed as Native Americans dumping East India Company tea into the Boston Harbor, to Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience. From Rosa Parks, to Martin Luther King Jr., civil disobedience has been a significant part of what has made these United States free, and is a tactic that should be elevated and encouraged, rather than censored and demonized.
Fortunately, the burning desire for truth and resistance is alive and well in Jefferson Country, Colorado, where students and teachers joined together in protest against an outlandish proposal to censor “civil disobedience topics” from the AP history curriculum, in order to focus on: “patriotic material, respect for authority, and the free-market system.”


Jay Taylor joins Eric Dubin & The Doc this week for a power-packed show discussing: 

  • Jay compares where the current gold & silver bull market is at, and advised investors that: In 1980 we had a massive stampede- a mania in gold.  We haven’t seen anything like that yet!
  • Endless happy days, a deflationary Greatest Depression, or a hyperinflationary collapsewhats coming for the US in the next 3 years? 
  • With gold crushed yet again on the Fed minutes’ release, Jay explains why the Fed’s con artistry is to keep people disinterested in gold with routine horrendous smackdowns 
  • Why Taylor believes the next leg up will be bigger than the 1970’s bull market, and will be the biggest percentage move in gold EVER!
  • Jay digs into Austrian economics discussing exactly how we’ve left the gold standard for a PhD standard, and explains why fiat money allows those who control the system to steal from those who create the wealth

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Jay Taylor is below: 

dynamiteThe U.S. government is essentially communicating to people through its agents that we still have all that gold in our vaults and to prove it, here is the serial number.   So, if necessary, just show up with this piece of paper and we will deliver the gold.

I have said all along that Jim Rickards is a front for the Government and is trying to sell the idea of using the IMF SDR to the world as a reserve currency replacement for the dollar.  
Too bad for the U.S. that the IMF SDR will not be the dollar replacement.

trumanWell The Truman Show that is the USA has been exposed once again.   According to this CBS reporter from Arizona, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney receives all questions to “press briefings” ahead of time. In many cases, the reporters themselves even possess the scripted answers to their questions before the conference starts. Yes, as suspected, it’s all just one gigantic stage and you are the clown in the audience.
Watch and weep serfs.

The BBC just published a piece entitled “Why I Want A Microchip Implant“.  We are told that such implants could solve a whole host of societal problems.  Identity theft and credit card fraud would be nearly eliminated, many other forms of crime would be significantly reduced, children would never go missing and we wouldn’t have to remember a vast array of passwords and PIN numbers like we do now.  We are told that if we just adopted such technology that our lives would be so much better.
But is that really the case, or is this simply elitist propaganda?

TimeCoversThe action behind the scenes is often the polar opposite of what the mass media reports. Smart money has been executing their heaviest buying in physical gold and silver markets in about 5 years, and in some cases, in more than a decade.
If you desire the truth versus propaganda, you will be in a much better position to understand reality if you turn off your TV, put down the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and start relying on independent and alternative media sources instead. Otherwise, if one depends on mainstream news for their investment decisions, one will be apt to believe that they are “educating” themselves when in fact, the fascist banking/government machine is merely “reprogramming” them, after which, one will become so brain-dead that they will not even pay $25 for a 1-oz gold coin.
Between now and the next few weeks, despite continuing volatility, will likely be one of the absolute best times to buy gold/silver assets of the entire bull market due to the banker executed paper-gold raid this past April yielded a 7-sigma event, that according to Wikipedia, should happen only once every 1 billion years, thus again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the global bankers executed fraud of epic proportions during their latest raid.

jim willieBy Jim Willie, GoldenJackass.com

The propaganda has turned openly laughable. On the popular major financial news networks, the recent decline in the so-called Gold price has prompted quite the parade of clowns on the ship of fools to trumpet nonsense. The widely published and posted Gold price is dominated by futures contracts, and thus as corrupted as meaningless.
The entire global financial structure is crumbling before our eyes. The gang of central bankers has applied their monetary policy for four and a half years since the implosion of Lehman, Fannie Mae, and AIG. The first is dead, while the second has transformed into a sanctioned subprime lender again, and the latter is a sinkhole. The deceptive messages are shrill, acute, and motivated from desperation. The West cannot solve its problems, hardly properly described as a financial crisis anymore, under the current framework bound to the fiat paper currencies.

The global monetary war is heating up notably. The heavy liquidity has caused unfixable distortions in every conceivable bond market niche. The new and better debt devices have been exposed for their shams. The leading central bankers lost their credibility long ago. The weakness is as broad as it is deep, a reliance upon paper wealth and paper structures and paper contracts, during a time of zero bound interest rates and unfettered hyper monetary inflation to cover the debts. Almost no foreign USTreasury Bond buyers exist anymore.

The US has become Weimar Amerika, a fascist enclave.

gold bear market cnbcSubmitted by Deepcaster:

All Investment Cognoscenti know that The Fed’s “Communication Policy” is aimed at Financial and Market Ends, not at Truth. (Here, should we rely on The Fed’s earlier expressed “Guidance,” or this week’s “Scaling Back” Hint? They can not both be True.)  Indeed that Policy could well be paraphrased “Tell whatever Lie you need to, to achieve your Goals.”

Those recently released Minutes, for example, achieved a Primary Fed Goal of blowing the Gold and Silver Prices down through Major Resistance, and a Secondary one of cooling somewhat inflated Equities and Commodities Prices.   As leader of The Cartel (Note 1) a Cornerstone of The Fed’s Policy is, and has long been, to suppress Gold and Silver Prices, lest they further devalue their Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities, and so they will not alarm the Hoi Polloi about the intensifying Price Inflation (e.g., 9.24% in the U.S. – Note 2) which their Ongoing Monetary Inflation is increasingly producing.