launch rocket verticalAfter QE was unveiled in 2008, Western investors began to buy gold and related items with aggression. They believed that the Fed’s QE program would dramatically increase the money supply.  They were correct.
Unfortunately, these investors didn’t understand that if a huge money supply has declining velocity, there is no meaningful price inflation created, at least in the short term.
By 2013, mainstream reports showed that inflation had still failed to materialize. Demoralized QE-focused investors began to liquidate their gold and related holdings, and booked substantial losses. 
Did they give up just as money velocity is about to reverse the downtrend?

dollar hyperinflationSubmitted by Deepcaster:

For several years, Notable Independent Commentators, including Deepcaster, have warned that the Elite Central Banks’ Orgy of Fiat Currency Printing, a la QE etc, would result in Price Inflation, so it is no surprise to us that The Bond King, Bill Gross of PIMCO, with about $2 Trillion under Management, would finally warn in his January 2013 letter to Investors of Impending Price Inflation in Key CommoditiesOf course, General Price Inflation is already here, if one looks at the Real Numbers (e.g., U.S. CPI at 9.8% per as opposed to the Bogus Official Ones.

Going forward, this Mega Bank-generated Price Inflation provides considerable Profit Opportunities, but only in certain kinds of Commodities, and especially in one Sector Bill Gross does not specifically mention.  In sum, Policies actually being Implemented by the Power-Banker Elite virtually ensure a continuation of Fiat-Currency Depreciating Policies, and thus Price Inflation in Certain Commodities Sectors, as well as Increasing Risk of Systemic Destabilizing à la 2008-2009.