There are 20 trillion problems in the United States, but the Debt Ceiling limiting government spending ain’t one. Here are the most serious problems in the economy right now…

ON SEPTEMBER 25th, 2017, London silver will be priced in RUBLES, ONSHORE AND OFFSHORE YUAN, Rupees, and other currencies as sweeping changes are beginning now. Here’s the details so far…

People can be overwhelmed when purchasing silver (or gold). Here are some ways to go about it to maximize your ounces and minimize your dollars. This is also a good back-to-basics for anybody who hasn’t been able to add to their stack in a while…

We are keeping a close eye on supply, and now, official sales numbers are re-affirming the analysis. With just two days worth of September data, physical demand is picking up steam, and faster than Irma can hurl a beach chair…

Brother John F is urging people to exit their dependency on the banking system. We are being led to financial slaughter, and massive sea changes in silver have begun…


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A couple of weeks ago, a long time subscriber correctly pointed out that I seemed to be speculating more than usual in my conclusion that JPMorgan was the big buyer of Silver Eagles and had accumulated as many as 300 million oz of silver, including Eagles and bullion. The subscriber noted that I usually relied on hard core facts that could be documented and not on speculation.
As it turns out, I believe there are sufficient number of hard facts behind my speculation, but I had failed to point them out.
So let me present the facts, as I see them, that point to JPMorgan having amassed the largest physical silver position in history.

Like Christine, in the Phantom of the Opera, most of us have been seduced by that Phantom called “the mining sector” at some point.  We’ve all been taken by the hand into some dark lair, and lulled into a spell, with sweet, sultry whispers about “wonderful profits”.   All that was asked of us was that we just forked over more of our cash to these knowledgeable and responsible companies.  Many of us have done so, only to end up in a terrifying place, that we did not wish to be!
If gut-wrenching twists and drama is what you’re looking for, then knock yourself out with these with paper distractions.  Yes, there are some profits to be made….if……if your dart hits the right part of the dartboard, and you make it out of that gauntlet with all of your digits(financially and literally) intact.
I hope you do make out with huge paper profits!  I truly do.
As for me however, I’m sticking to physical silver ounces, in my hand!  When I want more drama in my life, I’ll plunk down the cash for a box-seat at my local theatre, thank you very much!
At least there, my entertainment won’t be in wondering whether my future and livelihood are going to evaporate with the latest company press release!

As the manipulated paper price of silver heads lower, so are the silver inventories as the Shanghai Futures Exchange.  The silver stocks hit an all-time low today as the price of silver trades in the $17 range.  At the peak, the Shanghai Futures Exchange held 1,143 metric tons of silver.  However, today only 7% of that record amount remains.
As we can see from the chart below, silver inventories declined from a high of 575 mt (metric tons) in February, to a low of 81 mt today.

There is a chart that every silver investor needs to see.  Especially now, as the Fed and Central Banks continue to manipulate the precious metals lower while propping up the broader stock and bond markets.  Even though precious metals sentiment is at record lows, this normally represents a turning point in the gold and silver markets.
Silver Eagle sales held up much better than Gold Eagles in 2014.  According to my year-end estimates, 2014 Silver Eagle sales will only decline 13% year-over-year, while Gold Eagle will fall 45%.

Now… let’s get to the chart I believe every silver investor needs to see:

Crime Boss: Wall Street Has No Ethics
The Colombo crime family’s former boss – Michael Franzese – says even he doesn’t trust Wall Street.

I did a lot of things at times with people on Wall Street….A lot of [Wall Street] guys are shady and they did shady things with me and I don’t trust them.   And I don’t like other people that I don’t know really well taking care of my money. I think that I can do it better.
No matter what, it’s [physical gold and silver] always going to have a valueUnlike stocks, where in our country, you go to sleep, everyone tells you everything is wonderful, you wake up and everything is gone.

Indian Silver Imports vs Global Mine SupplyIt looks like at least one country is still taking advantage of the extremely low paper price of silver.
From information just released, India continues to import a near record amount of silver in 2014.
Even though silver imports slumped in June compared to last year, demand is still extremely strong.
Do you really believe top silver producing countries like Mexico and Peru as well as many other South American countries will continue to give away their silver for a mere pittance when the Dollar finally loses its World Reserve status?

india silverFollowing public statements is a way to lose not gain money.
What would be interesting to me might be learning that the local coin shop did a brisk business buying from retail back into stock.
If I were to buy at the same price and time I would be on the other side from retail, and more optimistic. In matter of fact, my optimism for a good trade would be pretty much inversely correlated to the pessimism of the small traders as a group.
But that, while a step forwards, is still not enough.
This really is a tough business, and every newcomer has to learn that the same expensive way.

Paper, or Physical? 
A conversion from loving fiat to loving precious metals is like converting from one radical religion to another
It has to be complete and it could cost you much.   Those who talk too much about their conversion to family & friends are often alienated.  But, you are literally saving your soul from the hell of poverty and destitution…that is if you believe in societal collapse, or even economic impoverishment as a nation.
With conversion to precious metals, you cross a line. You are putting your labor-wages into true money that will survive whatever hell may be approaching us.

In her latest interview, Ann Barnhardt, founder of Barnhardt Capital Management weighs in on: Bitcoin, silver and gold, livestock, agricultural land ownership, and family self-reliance. 
Barnhardt outlines the looming China-Russia alliance and Middle-East realignment as rising non-American power centers that threaten to wipe away the US petro-dollar and the backstop that it has provided to lull Americans into a false sense of security. Barnhardt asserts that with US in decline, there’s no one left to backstop your family — you have to hold real assets to survive the days ahead.

Irrespective of whatever the market does, the one timing factor that is of the utmost importance is that of accumulating physical possession of gold and silver.  The time has been and continues to be “do it now!”  No one can trust what the elites will do, via all their controlled Western governments, with ALL political leaders marching to the incessant drum of fiat takeover and destruction of every possible nation they can control.  Ukraine is an example of such a [clumsy and doomed to fail] attempt to bring that strategically important [to Russia] nation into the rotten fold of central banker control.
When the collapse of US power and the fast-fading US “dollar” as the world’s reserve currency falls, in the latter stages of happening, the best and most reliable financial saver will be the value of physical gold and silver, recognized everywhere in the world, except by Western central bankers.  The inevitable collapse of the fiat Federal Reserve Note, [FRN], aka “the dollar,” will lead to a Venezuelan-type devaluation of everything held in the form of paper:  currency, bank accounts, bonds, stocks, pensions, etc. 
Everyone who chooses to hold any form of paper asset will suffer financially and suffer dramatically.  Everyone who owns and personally holds physical gold and silver will survive in much better shape.
From this perspective, it does not matter what price you paid.    Price is temporary, possession is permanent.