sprottOur friend Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management was interviewed by TrimTab’s Charles Biderman over the weekend.  Biderman, who previously has recommended investors purchase GLD and SLV for gold and silver exposure, receives an education on paper vs. physical by Sprott.

Sprott informs Biderman on Doc’s rule of If You Don’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It!, stating:  Always have access to your physical!

Sprott’s full interview below:

*Update: Size of the follow-on offering has now been released: 23 million shares for proceeds of $341 million.  Nearly identical to the size of the latest PSLV follow-on.

Sprott Asset Management has launched a follow-on offering of it’s physical gold trust PHYS.
The offering will be underwritten by Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital Markets.

Full Release below: