Grant Williams returns to warn that over the past seven years, the various financial markets around the globe have melded into a single world market dominated by trading algorithms and the central banks. This new system only knows how to operate effectively in one direction: Up.
Grant is very concerned that a return of volatility will act as a wrench tossed into the gears, quickly throwing the world financial system into panic.

The yellow metal has risen now four straight weeks – this mirrors what the buck has done during that same period, which is to drop four straight weeks. Is it as simple as that?  Probably.
If the buck continues to move lower, then gold will probably continue to rally.  In addition, we can also see a “golden cross”, which is a long term bullish signal that you might want to pay attention to…

I never would have believed it—not in a million years—but it happened: the Cubs won the World Series, and The Donald is our new president.
In a nutshell, this is a story of human follies and bizarre events. There are always plenty of those. Let others tell the feel-good stories.

JP MorganThursday volume was quite heavy, but once the gap down occurred, the price did not move lower.
This tells me a lot of traders were capitulating – and an almost-equal number of traders were buying everything being sold. These are the footprints of big money establishing a position.

JP MorganWe’ve finally reached the beginning of the end… The daisy chain of bubbles in stocks, real estate and the mother of them all — the bond market — will pop, adding additional losses to the growing bloodbath…

On the chart, we see gold approaching 1300 support – it is only $10 away.  A break below 1300 could lead to a more general breakdown in gold With FOMC scheduled for next Wednesday, it would probably take a Fed rate increase to cause this breakdown to occur…