Farage Donald TrumpThe hero of the BREXIT campaign, and a man the establishment has tried to assassinate unsuccessfully TWO times, Nigel Farage joined Donald Trump on stage last night in Jackson, Mississippi, and delivered a historic and inspiring speech to Americans who like their British counterparts, are FED UP with the establishment…

Standing before the European Parliament yesterday, it took Nigel Farage just four minutes to completely destroy every argument supporting the Eurozone.  As Nigel explains in the video below, right from the start, the system was never intended to help the Greek people. Greece entering the euro was great for Goldman Sachs. But terrible for Greeks.  It chained the country to a system in which it didn’t belong.

JP MorganThe EU has blood on its hands after meddling in the Ukrainian crisis, once again revealing its imperial ambitions, Nigel Farage, leader of the euroskeptic UK Independence Party, said in a TV debate with Britain’s deputy PM, Nick Clegg.
We should hang our heads in shame,
 Farage blasted during last week’s debate, adding that it was the British government that had encouraged the EU to pursue “imperialist, expansionist” ambitions in Ukraine. Clegg’s comments on how the EU had turned “fascist dictatorships” in eastern Europe into democracies were met with derision from Farage who exclaimed, “we’ve given a false series of hopes to a group of people in western Ukraine and so geed up were they that they, actually, toppled their own elected leader.”

farageOur favorite member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage has unleashed another epic rant in Strasbourg on how the Greeks were suckered by Goldman Sachs & big EU bureaucrats:

Greece is now under foreign control. You can’t make any decisions, you’ve been bailed out, and you’ve surrendered democracy, the thing your country invented in the first place.  And you can’t admit that joining the euro was a mistake – of course Mr Papandreou did that didn’t he, he even said there should be a referendum in Greece and within 48 hours, the unholy trinity (troika) that now run this European Union had him removed and replaced by a ex-Goldman Sachs employee puppet.
We are run now by big business, big banks and in the shape of Mr Barroso, big bureaucrats.

Farage’s full MUST WATCH rant is below:

farageOur favorite member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage has unleashed another epic rant on Van Rompuy and Barroso, destroying the climate change carbon tax agenda of the globalists by informing the European Parliament that new NASA photographs of the polar ice-caps reveal an astonishing 60% growth in the northern icecaps in the past 12 months!
Mr Barroso, I’ve listened to you for nearly ten years – full marks for consistency – you are a man that likes fixed ideology, you probably picked it up when you were a communist or Maoist, or whatever you were, and for the last ten years you’ve pursued euro-federalism combined with an increasing green obsession.
It is time to stop this stupidity and to help you, there is the NASA photograph last August of the northern icecaps. And there is the NASA photograph this year of the icecaps. They increased by 60% in one year. Leading American scientists are now saying we are going into a period of between 15-30 years of global cooling.

farageThe European Parliament met Tuesday to discuss the issue of tax evasion throughout the UK and the Eurozone, and how the European Parliament might clamp down on those attempting to protect their well earned wealth from government confiscation.
All was going according to plan, until UKIP member Nigel Farage was given the floor. 
Farage immediately launched into a classic rant against Barroso and the rest of the EU bureaucrats, stating that it is not the average man on the street that is engaging in tax fraud, but the European Parliament members themselves:
If we look at the EU officials who work for the European Commission and the European Parliament, the highest category [the most common grade is AD12] are people that earn a net take home pay of just over 100 thousand pounds a year.  And yet under EU rules they pay tax of 12 per cent. It is tax fraud on an absolutely massive scale.

Farage’s epic and spot-on rant is below:

farageOur favorite member of the European Parliament, UKIP’s Nigel Farage has delivered another epic rant to the Parliament, stating that the EU faces the prospect of massive civil unrest and even revolution as a result of the EU’s failed economic policies.
Farage compares the failed EU experiment to Communism, stating:
Like Communism, this has all gone badly wrong,  and the EU Titanic has now hit the iceberg. It is a European Union of economic failure, of mass unemployment, of low growth, but worst of all, it’s an EU with the economic prison of the Euro. And this now poses huge dangers to the continent. We face the prospect of mass civil unrest possibly even revolution in some countries that are being driven into total and utter desperation.
Farage states that there is hope however, as signs of a democratic rebellion have begun. 
Farage’s full epic rant is below:

FarageOur favorite member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage was interviewed by RT today regarding the EU’s decision to attempt to force Cypriot depositors to pay for Cyprus’ bank bailout. 

In this MUST WATCH interview, Farage does anything but diffuse the situation, stating that the EU is simply attempting to steal money from Cyprus bank accounts, and he recommends Europeans Do not invest in the Eurozone, you have to be mad to do so, and to get your money out while you can!

Farage states that the European bureaucrats will not allow Cyprus to collapse and leave the Eurozone, but that the entire Euro experiment will soon end in a disastrous collapse: They are propping up a Eurozone that, in the end, will collapse in disastrous failure and they are prepared to do anything to do so.

Farage’s full interview is below:

Our favorite member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage has delivered another epic rant, this time blasting the eurozone as a complete and total economic disaster, and stating that in the end, the whole Eurozone is going to break up

The Eurozone has been a complete economic disaster. [Verhofstadt starts shouting] …The real problem that you won’t face up to though is the state of the French economy and the fact that France is now diverging by the month with Germany.  So right at the very heart of the European project and the Eurozone project there is a disaster coming down the tracks. I am afraid in the end, the whole thing is going to break up.

Farage’s full rant is below:

Our favorite member of the European Parliament, UKIP member Nigel Farage has unleashed another epic rant to the European Parliament regarding France’s budget crisis, stating that France is bankrupt, and that it is going to be impossible for France and Germany to stay together inside the same economic and monetary union.
Farage stated that the European Union increasingly will be about war, and that he does not want the UK to be a part of the Euro-zone’s wars of aggression over monetary budget crises.

Nigel Farage’s full rant below:

Our favorite member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage delivered another epic rant this morning, railing on the Eurozone being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and states the good Europeans would break up the eurozone, but that there are no leaders in those southern European countries who frankly have got the courage to stand up to the might of Brussels and to challenge the Eurozone project.

Farage’s full rant below:

In his latest Epic Rant delivered to the European Parliament, UKIP member Nigel Farage unloads on the European bureaucrats destroying the European economy.  Farage states that The dead hand of bureaucracy is destroying innovation and destroying jobs in Europe and thaComments 1t it is not just an economic, but a social disaster that is engulfing the Mediterranean...And it’s all based on a flawed thinking that the State if it has power and money, can create wealth.

Full rant and transcript below:

Our favorite European politician has delivered another epic speach to the European Parliament, this time delivered to none other than German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Farage informs Merkel that the Eurozone experiment simply isn’t working, that the UK cannot join the Eurozone on their journey towards less democracy and further centralization of power, and that the time has come for the UK and the rest of the EU to agree to an amicable divorce, as it is time for the UK to leave the European Union!


Our favorite member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, has responded to last week’s announcement that the European Union has won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

Farage congratulated the EU stating: ‘The Nobel prize itself will be brought into disrepute by this.  Just a few days ago Angela Merkel went to Athens and was greeted with Motolov cocktails, demonstrations, and people dressed up in Nazi uniforms!   What we’re seeing is Europe being divided by North and South, and we’re seeing disharmony caused by the Euro project.

When the host suggested Farage be the one to accept the award he responded:  ‘The one thing you can be certain of is that the person who accepts this award will be unelected, and committed to the abolition of democracy in the nation-states of Europe.

Our favorite Eurozone politician Nigel Farage has delivered another EPIC RANT, this time completely destroying Barroso’s call for a federal union of European states, informing Barroso that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees (or helicopters).
Farage isn’t satisfied to simply make a fool of Barroso, he goes on to ridicule Godman’s own Mario Draghi and his recent announcement of sterilized, unlimited bond purchases by the ECB (now a moot point as the German court has limited the ESM to €190 billion).

Farage’s rant is a MUST WATCH as always!