G20Members of the G20 countries are meeting in China this week with an expressed goal of “fighting anti-globalism sentiments”.
You see, the global elites are rewriting the rules of the economy to help usher in a new world order that, as Zbigniew Brzezinski says, will now include Russia and China…

Pope Francis is setting the stage for a one world religion and a new world order.  Merging all of the countries of the world into a giant superstate and merging all of the religions of the world into a single faith may sound like a good idea to many, but the truth is that it would result in a level of tyranny that most people would not even dare to imagine…

bankstersThe entire US economy has been purposefully gutted by the elites just as happened with building seven.  The rise of China as the elite’s next phase of global domination has been equally planned since the days of Mao Tse-Tung and his Cultural Revolution, half a century ago.  The globalists plan long-term.  Count on it. There are no accidents, including the heinous event called “9/11.”
How does this affect gold and silver??

gun sitesRob Kirby, former bullion banker, expert on the financial markets, and founder of KirbyAnalytics.com, returns to connect the dots from the Eurozone to the globalists who formed the Federal Reserve, and exposes whether the elite have US in their sights for a New World Order.
In part 2, Kirby brings the global threat down to how it impacts the individual family, and outlines his top 3 priorities of recommended steps that prudent individuals must take now:

From a perspective of logic, the world makes less and less sense as the elites relentlessly, and successfully pursue their one world government.  There has been an increased awareness of the Rothschilds, elites, bankers, those who control all money, all Western governments, and we are not so sure about the rest of the world.
Unfortunately, the greater awareness has done nothing to alter the inevitable course of dominance of the masses by the few.
The New World Order [NWO] remains on schedule, based on results.

silver precipiceEarlier in the year, we stated 2014 could be like 2013, price-wise, and that appears to be playing out.   However, as the idiom goes: appearances can be deceiving, and it is certainly true of the chart prices for gold and silver.  The natural forces of supply and demand would have PM prices much higher, if for no other reason than an inflation adjustment.   It is the ongoing exertion of unnatural forces that have been dictating prices for so long.
Apart from the paper market, there is no reason for anyone to change their habit of buying physical gold and silver.  The end game, [of manipulation and US/UK paper derivative dominance] is drawing closer and closer.  When will the PM stake finally be driven into the “heart” of the elite’s banking system is an unknown, and absolute unknown.  The breakdown has been gradual, but it will end with a speed that will take many by a shocking surprise. 

In general, over the last several decades the world has experienced an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity.  The opening up of relations with China and the “end of the Cold War” resulted in an extended period of cooperation between east and west that was truly unique in the annals of history.  But now things are shifting.  The civil war in Ukraine and the crash of MH17 have created an enormous amount of tension between the United States and Russia, and many analysts believe that relations between the two superpowers are now even worse than they were during the end of the Cold War era.

In addition, the indictment of five PLA officers for cyber espionage and sharp disagreements over China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea (among other issues) have caused U.S. relations with China to dip to their lowest point since at least 1989.
So could the emerging division between the east and the west ultimately plunge us into a period of global chaos?  

Turd Ferguson joins us today for an analysis of recent world events.  From the announced disbanding of the London Silver Fix to the unfettered Fed money printing, to China’s insatiable appetite for gold, to China’s confrontations with Japan and Vietnam and other countries, the New World Order is taking shape and America is conspicuous by it’s absence.   And so is the dollar.
What will a declining world power do to prolong it’s power? That remains to be seen.

rise of the renminbiPublicly the so called authorities remain in a state of denial about the systemic debt crisis. The idea for the need of a new monetary order already lives very silently in the big shadow of the false perception buildings for the past 20 years. It all started in 1993/1994 with the implementation of the Gibson Paradox (Summers/Rubin). The National Bank of Belgium (with 1,350 tonnes of gold reserves) was the first to start, in the coordinated program of central bank gold reserve sales, leading to the birth of the ECB and €. Most of the European central bank (CB) gold reserve sales went to China, through the BIS as the globe’s CB gold settlement organizer.
Today’s conflicting gold price management is recognized and understood as such by those with deep system insights. That’s what the ongoing private gold metal accumulation is all about.
It will continue and eventually go parabolic up until the circumstances for a new monetary order are in place.
The chances that further economic deterioration can be avoided are now extremely thin.

bidenOn Friday April 5th, at the Export Import Bank conference in Washington, Vice President Joe Biden made the following statement:
The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order, because the global order is changing again, and the institutions of the world worked so well in the post-World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened, and some need to be changed.”

For our readers who could already use a Monday afternoon drinking game, we suggest 1 shot every time Biden uses the word Agenda in the speech.
call for a New World Order is below:

By SD Contributor Rob Kirby:

When sovereign gold is lent / leased – this is done through A BULLION BANK [like Goldman Sachs] whereby, physical bullion is sold into the market to raise cash balances which are then reinvested.

LTCM inadvertently collapsed when they took a highly leveraged position in sovereign Russian bonds and Russia defaulted.  If a public ‘work-out’ of LTCM would have ensued – the true state of sovereign Italian finances, as well as the criminal actions of Goldman ‘Hannibal Lecter’ Sachs would have been on public display for the whole world to see – and the Euro would very likely have been still-borne.

For his part in this CRIMINAL FIASCO – Super Mario Draghi was rewarded by being made Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International in 2002 and later, in 2011 was appointed president of the European Central Bank [ECB] which on December 13, 2012, was granted exclusive regulatory power over ALL EUROPEAN BANKS: