The march to war is deafening.
Now that we are seeing a plan long in action playing out, there’s a good chance that our time is up:

This is not the “Trump Rally” but the Collapse in Public Confidence Rally.
Nobody can stop this – not Trump, not Le Pen, or any other reactionary politician.
We Have Crossed the Point of No Return…

We first must send the share markets up dramatically. This will be the FALSE MOVE that makes everyone see that the USA is the only game in town.  The market ALWAYS makes a false move just before it makes the real move in the direction of the underlying trend.
The goldbugs simply hate me even saying that gold can still move below $1,000.
A move for gold below $1,000 will create the energy needed to send it soaring past the $2300 level which is the 1980 high adjusted for inflation.

ECM-1970-2084There are times when government can no longer stand and the only thing that survives is private assets. This took place during the collapse of the Weimar Republic (German Hyperinflation) and it has been the case throughout history even at the birth of the USA and the collapse of the Continental Currency.
The key remains when there is a great alignment, which we are headed into.
That warns the big Crash & Burn lies in government not private for this one.

Martin ArmstrongI would simply ask “why”? 
Why has he done a 180 degree turn in his thought process?  Why did his “change” of heart begin as soon as he was released from prison?  Why do people even follow him now as his logic and reporting of history is flawed? 
I have no doubt he is a brilliant man as he was a pioneer of the derivatives industry, but how brilliant is it to claim that gold was devalued in 1934 …and then go on to explain “why” it happened? 

collapse bail inThe Man who predicted the 1987 Black Monday crash to the exact day is now sounding the alarm on Deutsche Bank:
“Deutsche Bank was extremely aggressive in derivatives.  It’s a SERIOUS CRISIS here.  DB is not just the biggest bank of Germany, its the Cadillac of Europe!  The derivatives could create a Contagion – It’s not looking good…”