Marshall Swing: Cartel Preparing Epic Gold Raid!

silver smashThere was a definite attempt last week by the cartel to dislodge the speculator shorts and cheat the people out of the notion of profiting from their intended plunge in metal prices.
In Silver we did not see much dramatic action.
BUT, what is not so dramatic in silver IS dramatic in gold.
In gold we saw a reduction in total open interest of almost 35,000 contracts!  That is almost 7,000,000 (yes you read it right) 7 MILLION ounces!
Notice the commercials have the lion’s share of open interest reduction, because if we add up the speculators reductions and additions, we see they are not quite a wash but absolutely MASSIVE open interest reductions on the part of the commercials.  To what end?  Just to drop the gold price a little?  I don’t think so.
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Marshall Swing: Specs Pile on the Shorts- Expect a Rally Before the Cartel Attacks!

cartel shortsIn silver, we see the large specs latching onto a huge number of shorts.  So, price is going down and the specs are buying shorts?  What is up with that? 
Remember that I mentioned this last week as well and on the surface we see almost 9,500 shorts they have scarfed up in the last two reporting periods.  My guess, from hindsight of years of course, is those shorts are not going to be allowed to stand so there will probably be a rally in the metals price to dislodge those shorts before resumption of the downward price target by the commercials. 

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Marshall Swing: MASSIVE Short Buying in Gold As Cartel Getting Very Ready to do Something Big!

Massive shortsWow, what a COT week!
In gold, we have MASSIVE short buying on the part of the producer merchant to the tune of almost 15,000 contracts short picked up. 

Notice the total commercials up almost 21,000 contracts short.  That means they are getting VERY READY to do something big!  [Read more...]

Marshall Swing: The Grand Slam is Coming!

home runSomebody is getting suckered, my friends, and you can bet it is not the commercials.  Just notice that gold price chart going up, up , up but not away.  What has gone up is about to come down. [Read more...]

Marshall Swing Warns Cartel Could Crash Silver to $15!

freefallWell, SD readers, we have gotten a mild price attack on the metals but nothing as severe as what I think is to come.
Notice, despite the commercials discarding large open interest contracts in both shorts and longs they even deepened their total open interest net short position and are very close to 200,000,000 net ounces short.
My calculations say they can crash silver price to $15 if that is their target. [Read more...]

Marshall Swing: Commercials Preparing to Crash Gold & Silver!

silver crashExtremely interesting developments in the open interest in both gold and silver this week!!
In silver, we see the commercials going FAR more short and the large specs going far more long.  Really interesting is the price rise, yet the speculators, on the surface, are not buying up long contracts by the bucket  – but they covered so MANY short contracts that their net long position went skyrocketing upwards.  For the commercials part, both the producer merchant and the swap dealers added huge on the short side to the tune of over 12,000 new contracts total.
Notice the silver commercials added over 50 MILLION ounces net short!!
So, in my numbers world, with price rising, that tells me the commercials led the way and FORCED the speculators out of short positions.  Notice a very modest pickup of short contracts by the small specs.  Those guys know the top is near and they are getting ready to ride the rocket downhill as the commercials crash price in the coming days.

COT Report: Cartel Smash Imminent?

silver smashIn silver, it would appear to the casual observer that the commercials played their old games and started buying longs at the bottom, selling them at the top, then buying shorts as the speculators bought a few longs at the top.  First glance says the speculators were forced out of their shorts.
However, the real story is in gold as silver just reacted to what gold was doing.
This sustained rally might get smashed with a short covering as the banks cannot allow this speculator long buying to get out of hand.
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Gold & Silver COT Report: Specs Call a Bottom & Go Huge Long!

no bottomThe gold producer merchant went from over 550,000 net long ounces to last week being almost 1.25 million net short ounces. 
It marked the end of a relatively long period where they were net long and many commentators mistakenly predicting it would be the blast off for precious metal prices.  The gold producer merchant moved down to 843,000 net short ounces this week.  They seem comfortable being back to their long term short game, but for how long?  Can they play this game forever?
With the huge spikes we saw on Thursday after the COT week that the producer merchant bought huge shorts and the specs huge longs thinking a bottom is in or near.
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Gold & Silver COT Report: Commercials Are 105 M oz Net Short in Silver!

Jamie DimonAnother big week for massive open interest changes almost like two weeks ago except this week gold open interest was downsized big-time.
In silver, price started at 18.85 and ended about 19.55  Commercials added almost as many longs as they sold shorts so they remain net short 105 million oz in silver! [Read more...]

Gold & Silver COT Report: Small Specs Go Short

SilverCOTThe small speculators are now net short in gold.  They sold off over 500 longs and added 1,152 shorts which is considerable for their small numbers. 
It seems to me they may be of the opinion the bullion banks are getting ready to take down gold. [Read more...]

COT Report: Gold & Silver Open Interest Explodes!

GoldCOTThis week in silver, almost 5,000 new contracts entered the race and the vast majority of new action was in the commercials, specifically the swap dealers.  Large specs were virtually silent and the small specs overall reduced their open interest positions significantly.
In gold, almost 32,500 additional contracts were added to total open interest and the disaggregated numbers reveals the producer merchant had the lion’s share of the action by a more than 5 to 1 margin over the swap dealers!
Think about what is going on behind the scenes:
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Marshall Swing Returns: Bullion Banks Suddenly Packing on Shorts!

Massive shortsIn gold we see that what all the headliner commentators thought were the bullion banks taking a big long position prior to the supposed blast off to the moon – in reality those bullion banks (producer merchant) have been packing on shorts right and left the last five weeks and have gone from just about 1.2 million ounces net long to a mere 311,000 ounces net long as of last Tuesday.  Those swap dealers are packing on the shorts this past reporting period as well adding just over 641,000 short ounces.
What does all this mean?
For the first time in a long time we have both houses of the commercials moving congruently to significantly larger short positions.  People, they are not taking those positions so they can report a loss…
Get ready for a price drop and back up the truck soon! [Read more...]

The Unanimous Financial Declaration of Independence of the 50 United States of America

Whenever any form of Government FIAT currency becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new monetary system based on the principals of Sound Money, creating a government with such Powers and upon such Principles that is most firmly dedicated to the  Safety, Happiness and Well being of the governed.

Prudence dictates that long established currencies should not be changed for light and transient Causes, and experience shows that Mankind is more inclined to suffer and endure monetary debasement, than to throw off the mechanisms of Debt Slavery and Penury.
But when a century long Train of Abuses, Takings and Expropriations, all pursuant to the same Object of Servitude to an Unelected Foreign Master, it the Right and Duty of the People to throw off  said manacles of monetary indenture-ship and provide for new Guards for their future Security. [Read more...]

Gold & Silver COT Report: Commercials Shift Silver Position Another 9 M Oz Net Long!

goldcotBy SD Contributor Marshall Swing

Gold & Silver COT Report 6/28/13
Commercials continued their pace during the reporting period and moved 9.25 million ounces towards becoming net long.
Large speculators cut their net long position by over 75% moving 15.33 million ounces towards becoming net short.
Small speculators moved over 6 million ounces net long. [Read more...]

Commercials Cover Nearly Half of Remaining Short Silver Position in Past Week!

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelBy SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Gold & Silver COT Report 6/14/13

Commercial longs added a total 1,581 contracts and covered 1,798 net total shorts to end the week with 48.21% of all open interest, a decrease of +0.55% in their share of total open interest since last week, and now stand as a group at 25,100,000 ounces net short, which is a decrease of just under 17 million net short ounces from the previous week-
Meaning the commercials have reduced their net short position in silver by 40% in just the past week, and by over 90% from their highs near 225 million ounces prior to the announcement of QE∞ last year!
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