PRICE is about to meet TIME and for those of us in the gold and silver community… your time to prosperity, after years of stacking, is finally now very near.
It’s ‘D-Day’; either gold or silver explode vertically these next few months or they collapse under $1000!  Who will be right?

It ain’t looking good for one Bo Polny’s May prediction, AT ALL…
Unless something MAGIC happens, Bo’s latest declaration is headed for that huge scrap pile he has been amassing…

Holding physical silver and gold was/is a long term strategy which I firmly believe has an end in the very near future.
The appointed time of the Global Economic Collapse IS coming.
  It is near.

beastSo where does Donald Trump fit into that prophetic picture?
The Donald will either knuckle under to the special Global interests or he will go down swinging.
My bet is on the latter…

end2015 saw The Shemitah come and go, gold and silver smashed to 5-year lows, and the west appearing to be dead set on drawing Russia into WW 3. 
It was truly an Epic Year, and as tradition on SD, we present the Top 10 SD Stories of 2015:

smashWhat we do not see in the latest numbers are the silver Specs picking up more shorts as price descends and that has been their trait for the last year+.  They are depressed.  Severely depressed
The precise scenario exists right now for both silver and gold Commercials to totally obliterate the Speculators, once and for all.

collapseThe real question is not when will the Global Economic Crash occur, but are you prepared for this crash that destroys all fiat paper wealth and currencies throughout the world and brings in the moment time has been waiting for- and the establishment of a new one world currency?