end2015 saw The Shemitah come and go, gold and silver smashed to 5-year lows, and the west appearing to be dead set on drawing Russia into WW 3. 
It was truly an Epic Year, and as tradition on SD, we present the Top 10 SD Stories of 2015:

smashWhat we do not see in the latest numbers are the silver Specs picking up more shorts as price descends and that has been their trait for the last year+.  They are depressed.  Severely depressed
The precise scenario exists right now for both silver and gold Commercials to totally obliterate the Speculators, once and for all.

collapseThe real question is not when will the Global Economic Crash occur, but are you prepared for this crash that destroys all fiat paper wealth and currencies throughout the world and brings in the moment time has been waiting for- and the establishment of a new one world currency?

For some, what is coming will seem like a great time.  For others, who lose everything in the global crash, it will seem like starting over again. 
After the point the precious metal’s dealers literally shut down their phone lines, TRILLIONS of dollars in paper fiat capital is going to roar into the precious metals paper fiat fiasco better known as the New York Commodities Exchange and other fiat futures casinos around the world.

danielI promised my friends on SilverDoctors this information quite some time ago, however, due to a website consulting company not delivering my websites on time in June I opted to wait before releasing this article series.
This article explains simply and mathematically, how to keep prophetic time and also begins the location of the event all the religious world has waited thousands of years for: Daniel’s 70th Week.
So my fellow stackers, without further adieu and in keeping with my promises to you, I give you…
Daniel’s 70th Week: How To Count Prophetic Time – Part 1:

sold outFolks, I have told you before, many times, and I will tell you again NOW.
Get every single paper dollar you can get every legal way you can get it and get physical gold and silver NOW.
Those who are trying to time this crash will lose their shirts and start jumping out of windows.

silver rocket downIn September 2014, I wrote:

Precious Metals DEPRESSION IS the goal of the bullion banks and their minions heading into 2015 so all precious metals investors everywhere will lose their confidence in the metals and other hard assets, invest in paper stocks, then be raped when the world wide economic collapse takes place in the Fall time-frame of 2015.”

There were other “analysts” saying there would be Gold $2000 by the end of 2014.  Are they still writing?  Some said Gold was blasting off in June 2015.  Does anyone still read those guys?