Current stock market valuations are not sustainable – A Great Crash Is Coming. 
It may not happen next week or next month, but it is going to happen. 
And when it does happen, it is likely to make what happened in 2008 look like a Sunday picnic…

cyber-attackThe revival of the Cold War attitudes between the U.S. and Russia are just the beginning of the an expanding scene of digital vulnerabilities and shocks to the system that could shut down the grid, cut off grocery and supply lines or leave millions without power in the cold. With global tension, the pretext could come from anywhere:

marketNone of this was supposed to happen.  In fact, our financial system was in such bad shape a year and a half ago that it was being projected that the U.S. would be on the bleeding edge of the next crisis. Instead, here we stand safe, prosperous and seemingly secure.
But if THIS happens before January 20th, our blessing will be turned into a curse, and all hell will break loose in America…

hyperinflationThe stocks bull market has been dancing with with Dow 20k all week, find out why we could be looking at the TOP, this from someone who has been bullish for the whole of the past near 8 year bull markets duration.

Once the magical 20,000 is achieved and Trump takes office in January, all bets are off. The establishment is pretending to play nice with Trump, but there is nothing like a 20% crash over a two week period to show him who’s really the boss. I’m not predicting anything, but it sure looks like something wicked this way comes…

nuclear-collapse-endChina is dumping Treasuries and corporate executives are dumping stocks.  Total U.S. debt outstanding hits new highs daily.   Once again “smart money” is unloading its paper “assets” on an unsuspecting public. The delinquency and default rates in mortgage, auto and credit card debt is beginning to spike up, according to the latest reports made available and not disseminated through the mainstream media.
The U.S. markets are going Super Nova – don’t be left holding bag…

collapse-panic-crash(Editor’s Note: He. Just. Doesn’t. Give. Up. )

One thing is for certain, a crash is still expected BEFORE year-end and/or BEFORE the US Presidential Inauguration in January…

hyperinflationWe are witnessing perhaps the greatest post-election stock market rally in Wall Street history.
What we are seeing is absolutely unprecedented.
So are we being set up for a HUGE crash in early 2017?

gun forcedWith president-elect Trump walking into a house of cards teetering on the verge of collapse, what are the trade-offs he faces if he triggers a reset of the US Dollar?
Bix Weir returns to spell out why a Dollar hard reset may very well play into Trump’s plans for a new start for America…

219499-1Since Donald Trump’s victory on election night we have seen the worst bond crash in 15 years. 
If the economy suffers a major downturn early in the Trump administration, it is inevitable that stock prices will follow.

hyperinflationClif High can’t name a price for gold and silver, but his “predictive linguistics” says,
“At some point in 2017, probably past mid-year, we’re going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the DOW will be measured around $100,000 to $125,000. Meaning, the dollar will be so worthless that it will take $125,000 to buy the little basket that is the DOW.  I also have language that says an ounce of gold will be approaching the DOW in terms of value. This is not ludicrous. In the last depression in 1933 and 1934, after the shutting of the banks . . . we had a point where gold and the DOW were the same, and gold dominated the DOW for decades.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet predictive linguistics expert Clif High:

They called it “Brexit”.
And it rocked the world.
All the so-called experts scared the bejeezus out of voters with predictions of doom and gloom consequences should Britain leave the EU.
All-out panic ensued in financial markets when the Brexit results were announced.
But then something interesting happened…