Mega-Risks Loom in the Next very few months and most will be realized. But for Investors properly positioned, they Provide Very Substantial Profit and Wealth Protection Opportunities.
First let’s examine the Risks, then the Profit Opportunities:

bear-bull-marketWith the entire financial world – especially Wall Street analysts and financial  media boobs – focused on the S&P 500 and the Dow, the NYSE Composite (which covers every stock traded on the NYSE) has begun what is likely a bear market:

collapseSo unless Deutsche Bank pulls out a Hail Mary earnings report with strong guidance expect a DOWNGRADE of Deutsche Bank to BELOW investment grade in the coming weeks.
There is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig like DB…

panic empty shelvesWe are watching an entire nation collapse right in front of our eyes
When debt spirals out of control, currency manipulation goes too far, and government interference reaches ridiculous extremes, THIS is what can happen to an economy:

willieThose who [unwisely] choose to own paper assets of any kind, especially in the stock market and digital currency held in banks, are being given a clarion alarm call by gold and silver that your time has reached its expiration date:

Sinclair Hong KongBeing prepared for an emergency is something we all need to consider.
The disruption of services (utilities, transportation, commerce, etc.) we depend on can create societal conditions in which we may need to depend on ourselves and our personal resources.  Our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our loved ones may depend on our preparedness in the times to come.  Precious metals alone won’t be enough to keep us safe from harm.