SGT’s latest micro-doc (the original Madness of a Lost Society has received nearly 1 million view on youtube!) examines the madness of a lost society with a financial collapse staring them in the face.

Another ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone. And it has left us with further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our nation. America has been dealt a fatal blow by corporate greed, Bankster malfeasance and the insidious nature of collectivism — and it’s all been done to us by design.
The once proud and independent people of the United States have, in large part, been reduced to servants of the State.

Featuring Mike Krieger, Rob Kirby, Chris Duane, Gerald Celente, The Doc, Bill Murphy and many others, ‘Madness 3’ offers one last ‘fair warning’ for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.