Deutsche Bank & HSBC Accused of Silver Fix Manipulation

Jamie DimonPerhaps this is why Deutsche Bank could not find a single buyer for its seat on the London Fix: the bank, along with HSBC have been officially accused on manipulating the silver fix in a new suit filed in federal court in Manhattan over the weekend.  [Read more...]

India’s Central Bank Will Sell Gold on the Market in Exchange for Gold at the Bank of England

 caption contestIndia’s central bank said on Wednesday it has sought quotes from banks to swap gold in its own vaults for international-standard gold, aiming to improve the management of its reserves.
The Reserve Bank of India said the operation would “standardise the gold available with RBI in India with respect to international standards” and the gold acquired would be delivered to its overseas custodian, the Bank of England.
By holding gold reserves in London, the RBI would gain flexibility to mobilize them if needed to defend the currency. 

It appears the Indian government has finally realized they can’t stop their citizens penchant for gold, so they have decided to dump central bank gold onto the market in exchange for gold of the rehypothecated paper variety .
What is incredible to me is that they are justifying this with a so-called “swap” into phantom gold at the Bank of England.   

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LBMA Forum Singapore: SGE Chairman Confirms Chinese Gold Demand In 2013 Hit 2000 MT, Pushes for Chinese Gold ‘Fix’

LBMA Singapore 2014 Xu LuodeThe official Chinese gold demand figure for 2013 according to the World Gold Council was 1189 tons. 
At an LBMA forum in Singapore this week however, Xu Luode, the Chairman of the Shanghai Gold Exchange informed the audience that “The Chinese consumption demand of gold hit 2000 tons in 2013“.  
So much for the Western financial media’s denial of epic Chinese demand for gold. 
The official confirmation of massive Chinese gold demand wasn’t the only take-away from the forum however, as Luode announced China’s goal of instituting a Chinese daily ‘fix’ for gold similar to the London fix. 
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Alasdair Macleod: Gold In a Fix

silver fixLast week the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority fined Barclays for rigging the gold price at a gold fix for the disadvantage of a customer and the benefit of the bank’s book.  This news could not come at a worse time for the London Bullion Market and the London Gold Market Fixing Limited, the company directly responsible for the twice-daily fix.  It may well lead to the end of the gold fix, the silver fix already being axed in August.
It is hard to see how the twice-daily gold fix can survive.
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PM Fund Manager: Smoking Gun on The Fed’s Money Laundering T-Bond Purchases


gunPrecious Metals Fund Manager Dave Kranzler joins the show this week to discuss:

  • Cartel capping gold at $1300 and silver at $20
  • London silver fix to end in August after 117 years- is the end of the silver manipulation at hand?
  • Kranzler discusses the Smoking Gun on The Fed’s money laundering US Treasury purchases through Belgium
  • We break down Ted Butler’s claims that JPM is buying all the Silver Eagles- is Jamie Dimon suddenly attempting to corner the ASE market, or is the American public finally waking up?

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler is below: [Read more...]

Chris Duane: End of London Fix is the Beginning of the End of Silver Manipulation

The EndSilver Shield’s Chris Duane joins Sean from the SGTReport to discuss last week’s PM market bombshell that the London fix will end Aug 14th.
Duane states that the end of the fix is the beginning of the end of the silver manipulation.
Duane’s full interview with SGT is below: [Read more...]

Are The London Gold Vaults Running Empty?

JPM gold vaultChinese net gold imports in March, (at least 111.1 tonnes), were not sourced from London, as they have been in the past year. UK total net gold export in March collapsed 85 % m/m from 107 tonnes in February to 16 tonnes in March, net export to Switzerland fell by 72 % from 119 in February to 34 tonnes in March.
The main gold vein that ran from the UK, through Switzerland, through Hong Kong finally reaching the mainland, is drying up.
Are the London Gold Vaults Running on Empty?
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The End (of the Silver Fix) Is Nigh

big resetIt’s history. The silver Fix will be ended in August, after 117 years.
The silver community is excited.  Many believe that the Fix is part of the apparatus that is suppressing the silver price. Without suppression, the price will shoot up to $100 or $250 or whatever number.  Dismantling this very visible operation of the silver suppression cartel is a step on the road towards $100.
The end of the silver Fix may or may not push up the price of silver.  Either way, it will have unintended consequences. [Read more...]

The LBMA Confirms Silver Manipulation, is Shutting Down The Rigged Daily Silver Price Fix

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelWith formal investigations and oversight now occurring, and with Deutsche Bank’s resignation, the move to close down the silver fix is implicit confirmation that the London gold and silver markets are rigged.  Although the gold fix should be shut down as well, and both immediately, I believe that the western Central Bank/bullion bank cartel has no choice but to keep the gold fix going.
The LBMA can do nothing to hide the deep red Scarlet Letter of admission which now marks the London gold/silver fix, which is perhaps why the news announcement came with no explanation.  To be sure, this event has also added confirmation to anyone with remaining doubt about the corrupt and rigged nature of the western precious metals markets. [Read more...]

The Fix is Out! London Silver Fix to End Aug 14th

silver fixWill 2014 go down in history as the year that the silver manipulation ended?
First JPMorgan exited their commodities business, and today, the London Silver Market Fixing has announced that effective August 14th, 2014, The Company will cease issuing daily the silver fix permanently.

1. What will happen after 14 August 2014? Will the Silver Fixing cease to exist?
With effect from the close of business on 14 August 2014, the Company will cease to administer a Silver Fixing, and a daily Silver Fixing Price will no longer be published by the Company.

4. What happens after 14 August 2014 for market participants with contracts referencing the Silver Fix?

The Company is not in a position to comment on such matters, but market participants can speak to their contractual counterparties.

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Jim Willie Bombshell: Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Stolen By the West & Shipped East!

gold vaultWestern banking interests have forcibly removed London gold and utilized Swiss refinement of Gold bars taken from other accounts, to rectify two decades of seized gold bars from unallocated accounts.   The improper usage was done to create the entire fraudulent foundation for the Euro Monetary Union itself.
The fraud is unspeakable, and might account for over 40,000 tons of misused (stolen) gold bars.  The shift is toward the East as financial center of gravity, altered by the extraordinary movement of Gold bullion from London and Swiss banking centers.
A sequence soon to unfold appears to be rather predictable, since once a key event occurs, the pressure is enormous and gathers to force the occurrence of the next event.  Think like falling dominos, the pieces actual elements of a fence to defend the USDollar regime. It is falling apart. One fence section topples the next.
The barbarians are not only at the gate, they are making their own fortresses.

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Guest Post: The Gold Market- Part 2

The center of world gold trading is London, and the center of London gold and silver trading is the London Bullion Market, operated by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Members are classified into market making members, which include all of the participants in the twice-daily London gold fix described in Part 1, as well as other bullion houses (for a total of 14), and ordinary members, of which there are about 50. Most bullion houses act both as brokers for customers, and as primary dealers who hold positions of their own in order to profit from the bid/asked spread or from equilibrium price movements.
Most gold trading takes place by paper transfers between unallocated accounts. Bookkeeping entries avoid the transactions costs and security risks of moving the actual metal. Traders clear their trades with one another through book entry transfers in or out of accounts at one or more clearing members, while clearing members clear their net trades with one another through their gold accounts at the Bank of England, as well as by physical gold transfers. [Read more...]

Bloomberg: London Gold Vaults Are Virtually Empty, All the Gold Has Been Transferred to Hong Kong!

goldIn this MUST WATCH clip, Bloomberg Industry’s Kenneth Hoffman shockingly reveals that London’s gold vaults arevirtually empty“:
“You could go into a vault in London a couple of years ago. The vaults were packed to the rafters with gold, and the gold would trade from me to you to somebody else. You can walk into those vaults today and they are virtually empty. All that gold (26 million ounces) has been transferred from London and has gone to Switzerland where it has been recast to higher grade formats and shipped off to Hong Kong and then to China never to return.
Hoffman discusses What’s Happening to All the Gold? openly on financial MSM below: [Read more...]

Gold & Silver Weekly Recap: A Breakout Week; Is GOFO Signalling an Impending Default at the LBMA?

This week saw a very important upward price breakout, reversing several key moving averages for the precious metals. This week’s recap also includes detailed discussion of the importance of key inventory supply indicators and negative GOFO rates.
Negative GOFO rates are all about an all-time-low LIBOR, combined with a mildly increasing Gold Lease Rate.  A GLR over 0.40% is nothing historic; therefore the “historic” negative GOFO rates are all about LIBOR’s historic lows along with some mild moves in the GLR.  I’m not saying a supply shortage does not exist.  All I’m saying is, negative GOFO rates aren’t “smoking gun” evidence of this with LIBOR at 0.39%.
Half the GOFO story is about historically low LIBOR rates, and the other half is about an increase in the Gold Lease Rate.  The next question is, what made the GLR rise? 

Perhaps its an impending default at the LBMA?
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Silver Update: LME & LBMA

empty COMEX vaultBrotherJohnF discusses Friday’s BLS metals smash, gold & silver’s technicals, and recent reports of 100 day delivery delays at the LME
in his latest Silver Update: LME & LBMA: [Read more...]