gold eagleAs I write this article the probability of another banker raid in the paper gold and silver derivatives markets increases and remains elevated.
Yet, every time bankers raid paper prices, if indeed this happens again sometime over the next few trading days, their raids on the fiat currency prices of gold and silver always trigger a lot of frustration on behalf of physical gold and physical silver owners due to an improper equating of fiat currency price with real value and improper equating of “perceived” value with “real” value.
In fact, it astounds me when I witness intelligent people repeatedly make the mistake of pricing a sound money in terms of unsound money and then equating this fake price to physical gold’s (or silver’s) value.

5000 goldIn his latest public update, SmartKnowledgeU’s JSKim discusses how studying the history of gold and silver clearly tells us where it is heading in the future.
Kim also explains how examining the historical anti-gold, anti-silver banker propaganda campaigns should prevent us from falling for the same dirty bag of tricks they are playing today.

The #AskJPM debacle that JP Morgan cancelled earlier this month due to embarrassment and humiliation regarding the mountain of questions they received in regard to their criminal actions provided a gift to all of us: The blueprint to rein in criminal banking behavior by the banksters.

The below video dispels the banking shill lies that claim gold bulls say to buy gold at all and any price.
Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder said, The last duty of a Central Banker is to tell the public the truth. Gold experts and bulls may not be right all the time, but most of us out there aren’t out to defraud the public like banksters, and most gold bulls that truly understand the criminality of the fractional reserve fiat currency system provides support of our sincere beliefs. Short-term, we sometimes may be wrong when we underestimate the criminal extent of Western banking cartel manipulation, but long-term we have always been vindicated for the accuracy of our long-term views.

hyperinflationEvery single fiat currency in history backed by nothing has collapsed due to hyperinflation that destroyed these currencies and made them worthless.
Historical monetary facts tell me there is a 100% chance of US dollar collapse, and that this complete collapse that will forever restructure the wealth of families, will likely happen within the next 5 years. In fact, when you look at facts, the absurdity is not to believe that the US dollar will not collapse, but it is in fact, absurd to believe it will not collapse and will not collapse soon.

Fractional reserve banking is a criminal, deceitful and wealth-destroying platform, and perhaps the greatest contributor to economic in-stability in existence today.
Usually when there is smoke, there is a good chance there is fire
. A really good chance.
Except if you work for the commercial banking industry. When there is smoke, deny, deny, deny is the meme for bank CEOs and this is how they have deceptively convinced thousands of good people around the world to turn away from their collective consciousness and  “break bad” with them.

economic collapseSmart Knowledge U’s JS Kim has released an interview with World Bank whistle-blower Karen Hudes discussing the criminality of the global banking cabal, the coming financial crisis, and gold backwardation.  Hudes states to JS Kim:
“We have fired these Central Bankers. And there is going to be more and more accountability…A lot of these [bankers] understand that there will be a day of reckoning
for them because more and more of the world’s citizens are awakening to what bankers really are up to these days, and they are not happy with what they are discovering about the banking industry.
Hudes predicts that one day soon the citizens of the West will wake up and will dump their fiat paper currencies, and will flock to the sound money of gold and silver to store their wealth, and that if gold backwardation remains a permanent fixture, a world depression will result:
Paper has no intrinsic value. It is only valuable if people agree that it has value. Fiat currencies are now under siege and we have a limited amount of time to set up alternative monies. If we have permanent gold backwardation, international trade will simply stop and we will have a world depression that will make what happened in the 1930s and 2008 look like nothing.
World Bank whistle-blower Karen Hudes full interview with JS Kim is below:

debtwb2The first signs of hyperinflation have arrived. 
There was one hugely notable development in the gold and silver markets last week. Normally anytime, Ben Bernanke whispered even a hint or suggestion of QE tapering, the gold and silver markets would crash on such an announcement. However, this time, gold price behavior reacted intelligently to the insanity of Central Banking monetary policy and it ignored the propaganda of Central Bankers and continued to riseWhy is this development so significant? It is massively significant because it signals a further breakdown of confidence in the monetary system.  Every other instance that Chairman Bernanke even hinted about tapering QE, it gave the Federal Reserve and their puppet bullion banks an opportunity to suppress the price of gold that they successfully relished. This time around, I don’t believe that their propaganda was any less effective than all the prior times Bernanke falsely warned about QE tapering. So what has changed? People no longer care what Bernanke and other bankers say about QE because their confidence in fiat currencies, as illustrated by the largest single day drop of the Indian rupee last week, is starting to finally, and justifiably crack. And the first sign of a loss of confidence in fiat currencies and a vote for the solid valuation of gold (and silver) money is the first sign of potential hyperinflation ahead.

gold market tippingThis past Monday, the POTUS Obama met with ALL top US banking regulators and the chairman of the Rothschild Private Bank (aka the US Federal Reserve).  Though the media has sold this meeting as a forum to discuss Dodd-Frank regulations, I am not buying this explanation as the mission for this meeting.  The most credible explanation of why Obama met with all the top US banking regulators this past Monday, in my humble opinion based on very detailed research (available to our clients), is because the US banking system is suffering a critical crisis and stresses right now.

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelJust 3-1/2 years ago in early 2011, COMEX warehouses held more than 11 million ounces of eligible gold, with JPM holding more than 3 million of these 11 million ounces. As of August 9, 2013, JPM’s eligible gold has fallen from 3+ million ounces to 361,606 ounces. Thus, it is safe to conclude that physical gold is being withdrawn from the COMEX warehouse due to a lack of trust in the global banking sector’s honesty and credibility.  Though most statistics today discuss the collapse in eligible gold, I actually believe that the collapse in registered gold is more compelling.  Recall that registered gold is the gold held at the COMEX that is available for delivery while eligible gold is not “eligible” for delivery.
It is interesting to note that just since last April, registered gold held at the COMEX depositories has collapsed from a total of 2,147,398 ounces to just 852,930 ounces.  That is a collapse of 60% of the registered gold inventory in less than 4 months! To put this number in perspective, data from Hong Kong gold exports reveal that China has imported an average of 200 metric tonnes of gold every month this past April, May, and June.  200 metric tonnes is equivalent to more than 6.4 million ounces of gold. COMEX holds a total of just 852,930 ounces of registered gold at the current time.

js kimThough all the banking shills at CNBC, Fortune magazine, the WSJ, and in the mass media espoused the bankster claims that gold and silver were “dead” and that the drop in prices that started in April were only the “beginning” of much greater drops, the reality is that the drops in gold and silver only happened in paper markets, and that the Western bankers have now lost a lot of physical gold on this fraud to the East.
We believe that the next 12 months will mark a remarkable turnaround in the performance of gold and silver assets. Furthermore, some extremely important developments in gold and silver markets at the current time have reinforced the wisdom of maintaining physical positions rather than trying to time the highly banker manipulated tops and bottoms of volatile, violent, artificially created movements in gold and silver and constantly trade in and out of the market.

Gold & Silver prices WILL rise over the next 12 months and we are willing to guarantee it.

jump into fireThe world’s most popular faith-based religion one is a false one and it is a fractional-reserve based fiat currency.
When the first fiat currency falls, whether it is the yen, the pound sterling, the Euro, or the USD, hyperinflation will arrive like a screaming banshee from hell.

TimeCoversThe action behind the scenes is often the polar opposite of what the mass media reports. Smart money has been executing their heaviest buying in physical gold and silver markets in about 5 years, and in some cases, in more than a decade.
If you desire the truth versus propaganda, you will be in a much better position to understand reality if you turn off your TV, put down the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and start relying on independent and alternative media sources instead. Otherwise, if one depends on mainstream news for their investment decisions, one will be apt to believe that they are “educating” themselves when in fact, the fascist banking/government machine is merely “reprogramming” them, after which, one will become so brain-dead that they will not even pay $25 for a 1-oz gold coin.
Between now and the next few weeks, despite continuing volatility, will likely be one of the absolute best times to buy gold/silver assets of the entire bull market due to the banker executed paper-gold raid this past April yielded a 7-sigma event, that according to Wikipedia, should happen only once every 1 billion years, thus again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the global bankers executed fraud of epic proportions during their latest raid.

Jamie DimonWhat would you think if someone told you the following?
Three times this week, I am going to tell you the low price of gold with near perfect accuracy, and one of those three times, I am going to tell you events that will precede the low and the exact time that gold prices will crash.

You would likely conclude that either:
(1) I am somehow directly involved in setting the price of gold in paper derivative markets, or
(2) that since nearly perfectly predicting gold price movements three times in one week in a free market is impossible, that such an accomplishment would serve as indisputable proof that gold markets are rigged and manipulated by bankers, as none of my predicted price targets depended upon technical chart analysis of any kind.
So let’s summarize my calls regarding gold price movements on three separate occasions last week, and why I feel that the accuracy of these calls serve as indisputable proof that Central Bankers and their agent bullion banks manipulate the price of gold and silver.

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss paper addiction and the toothless, pimply faced paper pushers hooked on an ever-increasing fix of debt. There is no paper these guys won’t push, no debt they won’t inject into the veins of the economy and these addicts refuse to sober up despite the overwhelming evidence found in gold demand that they’ve reached a bottom at which no new hit can get them high. In the second half of the show Max talks to John ‘J.S.’ Kim of about the precious metals market, traffic jams outside bullion shops in Asia and central bankers buying paper.

The global financial system is crumbling right before our very eyes because criminal bankers have imposed a fraudulent, rubbish fractional reserve banking and monetary system upon us that is the world’s largest criminal cartel of thievery and immorality. Understand that with the world’s currency race to the bottom, if you leave your money in the form of fiat currency, bankers will turn thousands of paper millionaires into paupers in a few years.

cyprusIn this excellent report by SmartKnowledgeU’s JS Kim, JS discusses the attempted theft of 10% of Cypriot funds by the European banksters, and points out that the Western Central banksters have routinely been executing a far greater theft against everyone than any of the numbers proposed in Cyprus.

People are rightfully infuriated over the bankers’ attempt to steal 10%+ of all Cyprus bank accounts recently to bail out the banks. What people must realize is that bankers have been executing a far greater theft against all of us through inflation than the proposed Cyprus theft and here’s what we can do to stop it.

Gold & Silver are the REAL stakes in the World Series of Poker. In this video, JS Kim of SmartKnowledgeU discusses issues of paper gold & silver vs physical gold & silver:

Power grabs of other country’s gold by leading Western and EU nations through war and debt enslavement. Duplicitous fantasy holdings of gold by Western nations that keep “leased” gold that is NOT in their vaults as an asset on their balance sheet. China & the Middle East’s secret, stealth underreported accumulation of gold reserves. Germany’s concern about gold that is “held” in other nation’s vaults that is likely gone forever. Currency wars are at hand and the Western nation’s bluffs are being called in the World Series of Poker. When Financial Armageddon hits, will you understand the World Series of Poker well enough to ensure you are positioned on the winning side?