Could an Illinois Bankruptcy be the Catalyst for CONTAGION & the Complete Loss of Faith in Paper Currencies?


John Rubino Joins SD to Sound the Alarm:
The System is Poised to Collapse and It
Could Begin At Any Time…

guillotine-bankersDollarCollapse’s John Rubino Joins Us To Break Down the Political & Market Impacts of Trump’s Stunning Win. 

Rubino Presents A TERRIFYING Scenario:
But This Is Paradise for Precious Metals…


dollar's flow in black holeWith a derivative book bigger than the entire European economy, if Deutsche bank goes, it takes Europe down with it, Says Dollar Collapse’s John Rubino.
But could Deutsche bank be a distraction from an EVEN BIGGER threat?
Find out in this interview…

ride-rocket-upThe closer the system comes to unraveling altogether, gold and silver remain attractive as a means of holding onto money with ready, liquid exchange value.

James Turk founder of Gold Money and returning guest and former Wall St analyst, John Rubino join Wall Street for Main Street for this in depth, 40+ minute round table discussion.
Turk and Rubino also co-authored Dollar Collapse, which was written before the financial crisis of 2008 and it predicted banks and home prices would collapse.
This in depth discussion talks about currency swaps and their more frequent use and why they are being used more frequently, financial history, manipulating interest rates by global central banks who want to maintain financial repression, currency wars, inflation, deflation, asset price inflation and gold!
Full MUST LISTEN Interview is below:

Austria’s Hypo Bank was recently declared to be a zombie bank.
The government of Austria had previously bailed out, read tax payers money, Hypo bank, but the bank management thought they could beat the bookie and then pay off their debt if they could get one roll of the dice to fall in their favor.
The dice had other plans and the gamble has not worked in Hypo’s favor.
The problem with Hypo is they have all these government bonds on their books.
The bonds are tied to the CDS (Credit Default Swaps) and now we, the world that is, are waiting to see if we are heading over the cliff or if the bankster mafia members are going to be able to work their magic and make the CDS’s go away.
The only way the banksters were able to make the previous CDS crisis go away was to sacrifice Lehman Brothers and steal trillions of dollars from the American tax payer.

We will never be able to pay this debt. Ever. Debt jubilee, anyone?
It seems we are sitting on the precipice of another global crisis.  Will these gambling debts trigger defaults?
We learned that some of the usual suspects are involved…