Jim Sinclair: New Levels Of MOPE

jim sinclairJim Sinclair opines on the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ changes to GDP calculation announced Wednesday, which will add 3% to official US GDP (or an economy approximately the size of Belgium) by counting research, development, and copyrights as part of the GDP calculation for the first time.
Apparently the only way to delay recognition of the latest recession (for 2 quarters perhaps?) among the mainstream  is to blatantly manipulate the calculation by a whopping 3%.
MOPE at its finest.
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Your Enemy is the Banking Cartel, Not Jim Sinclair!

jim sinclairOne day, the US Dollar is going to die.  And with it, a lot of people will suffer enormously.
Jim Sinclair, whatever else you may want to say about him, is one of the more experienced and knowledgeable minds in our business. PERIOD
Give the man some credit for trying to avert the coming tragedy of the many at the hands of the criminals that determine the paper prices of your physical holdings.  If you can’t stand the volatility of the markets, then sell down to your comfort level and forget about the metals.
Jim Sinclair is NOT YOUR ENEMY.  The enemy is the BANKING CARTEL!! [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: Multi Hundred Dollar Up Days Coming in Gold As COMEX Moves to Cash Settlements!

While Jim Sinclair was admittedly several months early in calling a bottom to the current gold correction, few if any today understand the FUNDAMENTALS for gold today as well as Mr. Gold.
With gold notching its biggest up day in over 13 months Monday, trading up $40 to over $1340,  Sinclair has alerted readers that the GOFO holding negative 11 days and counting is screaming the truth that that there is no meaningful above ground supply of gold.
As a consequence, Sinclair states that the COMEX will be forced to move to cash settlement for gold contracts within the next 90 days, and that the chaos resulting from the COMEX changing their spot contract settlement could result in multi hundred dollar days to the upside for gold!
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Gold Surges 3% – COMEX Default May Lead To Over $3,500/oz

Gold has recovered nearly $150 or more than 12% in less than a month since hitting a three-year low of $1,180/oz on June 28th. Gold has made the strong gains due to robust physical demand as seen in the still high premiums in Asia.
Respected investor and precious metals guru, Jim Sinclair has again warned of a risk of a default on the COMEX and said that gold prices will rise to $3,500/oz and that gold at $50,000/oz is “not out of the question.”
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Jim Sinclair: 2013 Crisis To Trump 2008

jim sinclairJim Sinclair sent out an email alert to subscribers over the weekend warning that the fall of 2013 may begin the great banking crisis that the metals community has been anticipating since 2007, and that the US will likely not fully recover from the coming collapse until 2018-2020!

“Historians will certainly consider the 2008 crisis as a warning shot before that of 2013.
End 2013, financial impact: collapse of financial markets especially in the US and Japan. Banks can no longer be saved by the states and BAIL-Ins are put in place!

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Jim Sinclair: FDIC Not Sufficiently Capitalized For Coming Bail-ins!

FDICLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers warning that the FDIC is not sufficiently capitalized to sustain FDIC insured deposits for the coming bail-in, and boldly predicts that the FDIC will not pay in cash, but will rather pay in special issue US Treasury instruments that will be salable only over a 5 year period!
Sinclair goes on to state that the systemic risk is MUCH HIGHER in 2013/14 than it was at the peak of the financial crisis in early 2009, and that gold will now trade at NEW HIGHS.
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Jim Sinclair: The Singular Most Important Development in the Gold Market in My 53 Years Involved in Gold!

Jim Sinclair sent subscribers an email alert over the weekend regarding Russia’s announcement that it will develop and launch a cash bullion market, stating that the development is the singular most important development in the gold market in my 53 years being involved in gold.
Sinclair goes on to state that the manipulators will be flattened in late 2014 after one more try to manipulate the price of gold.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:
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Jim Sinclair: QE to Infinity (The USD At .7000 USDX) or Infamy for Bernanke

Bernanke helicopterWhile Obama is busy distancing himself from Bernanke and preparing to give the Fed Chairman the boot and bring in likely Yellen, Dudley, Summers, or Turbo Timmy, legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair states that it is QE to Infinity or Infamy for Bernanke.
Ahead of today’s much anticipated FOMC statement, with rumors of Fed “taper” swirling, is Bernanke and the Fed ready for what is sure to come should the market be convinced the Fed will actually taper down QE? [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: This Will Save You 83% of Your Assets

jim sinclairJim Sinclair continues to urge PM investors to take action now to prevent the coming theft of their savings and assets at the hand of the banksters:
Funds can be bailed In. Charities can be bail-In. Institutions can be bailed-in, non profits can be bailed-in. Hedge funds can be bailed in.
In Cyprus there were no exceptions. Here there will be no exceptions. There will be no exception unless you make the exception for yourself.

If Cypriots had followed Sinclair’s advice below they would have saved 83% of their assets.  Have you prepared? [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: Bail-Ins Coming Sooner Than We Expect

Jim SinclairIn an email alert sent to subscribers this weekend, Jim Sinclair warns that bail-ins are coming to the US sooner than anyone expects, and has issued a 6-POINT CHECKLIST to avoid being on the short end of the coming bail-ins.
In order not to be bailed-in you must diversify your liquid capital to the BRICS or a quasi BRICS. The area to keep funds is Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, not Switzerland, the Bahamas or any two bit tax shelter country. If you are there then move.

Sinclair’s 6-point task list for ensuring you are out of harm’s way for the coming bail-ins is below: [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: Gold Will Soon Become the Friend of the Market Manipulators As Banksters Turn on the Fed!

Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers Tuesday night advising that soon the bankster sharks will be eating the big shark (the Fed) and that gold will become the friend of the manipulators and the enemy of the US dollar.
Sinclair states that the banksters sense political weakness and loss of control amongst their masters at the fed, and what is soon coming is outright war called finance.

Sinclair’s full alert is below: [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: Get Out of the System!

FarageWhat I strongly wish you do is free your assets from the balance sheets of the entity with which you are dealing in the entire Western world financial system, without exceptions. The official written evidence is overwhelming that in a systemic crisis of size depositors as unsecured creditors of a bank or broker by the simple act of having an account are lenders to that institution. In fact of law, the depositor, you, are very junior lenders as they are unsecured. You need to consider yourself as an informed Cypriot knowing that bail-in was coming a few months before it occurred. What would you do? My feeling is you would have done a lot more than just the thinking about it that you are doing now. [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: Those Who Remain In The System Will Pay For The Banksters’ Sins!

Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Continuing his quest to protect average citizens from the coming destruction wrought by the banksters and their OTC derivative melt-down, Jim Sinclair has sent another alert to subscribers, this time warning that those who remain in the current financial system are going to pay for the sins of the banksters.
Like a massive financial tsunami, Sinclair states that what is coming will completely wipe out those who fail to move their financial assets to safe ground (physical gold and silver) prior to the “great leveling”, and that the only financial funds that will survive the coming legacy OTC collapse will be monies held in the BRICS’ financial systems.

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Jim Sinclair: How The New Billionaires and Trillionaires Will Preserve Their Capital

jim sinclairLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent subscribers a shocking warning regarding the inevitability of depositor bail-ins coming to North America.
Sinclair states that there is no longer a question of whether a bail-in will occur in the US & Canada, but it is a question of how big it will be. 
Sinclair advises subscribers that the simple answer to that question is that the size of the coming depositor bail-in will be the size of the entire OTC derivative losses.
Jim states that:  This is how our new billionaires and trilionaires will preserve their capital for ten generations to come because they have all the above ground physical gold, all of it, by hook or crook.
Are you preparing for this transaction or are you going to be an accident of the Great Leveling of 2015-2016?

Sinclair’s full alert on the massive depositor bail-in coming to North America in 2015-16 is below: [Read more...]

Jim Sinclair: Get Out Of The System For Your Own Sake!

Jim SinclairIn the wake of the BIS’ official bail-in blueprint, Jim Sinclair has sent an alert to readers urging them to exit the system immediately.
Sinclair states that even though readers are being told daily what is going to happen, 99.9% of even his close friends are in freeze-frame and have yet to move to pre-emptively protect themselves and their wealth from the bankster freight train rolling straight at them.

Sinclair’s full alert is below: [Read more...]