Just as soon as this one single event happens, gold, silver and the US dollar will never be the same. The closeness of the event, and the sequence of events that follow is beyond what most people can fathom…

We are only just now arriving at a time period that will bring about “The Currency Wars”.   Everything prior to this was only a preparation period to build an alternative currency.
The years spent traveling this road were done to prepare the world for an escape medium when the dollar finally began it’s “price” hyper-inflation stage.
The next fortune in gold will be made via long physical gold margin free in an enormous way:

sinclairResponding to in inquiry regarding the likely price the government would reimburse gold owners in the event of a confiscation, Legendary Gold Expert Jim Sinclair Explains the Risk of Gold Confiscation Just Went Way Down:

sinclairThe means to the Great reset is in place and moving forward.
Physical gold will be between $3000 and $5000 bid and offered by China, Russia and others.
Here is your scenario:

rocket-moon-launchWhat will happen if China decides to stop their importations of gold?
Paper prices may very well crash …while price for real gold within China goes to the moon.

As Jim Sinclair put it: “You could see COMEX gold at $10 offered and no bid, with Chinese cash markets $5,000 bid and no offer…”

sinclairMore Real Fake News from the MSM.
Legendary Gold Expert Jim Sinclair (who owns a home in India) reveals:
Modi will not confiscate gold outside of some proven limited tax situations.  I see this as misinformation…

jim-sinclairFrom Greg Hunter:

In perhaps the most important interview of the year, Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair warns,
“Markets do not exist anymore – and you can’t time what does not exist.”
Sinclair contends a huge transition is underway, and the old system cannot be fixed. A new one is on the way, and the old one is going to end with a bang. 

The over-the-counter derivatives have grown massively beyond world money availability. This has no precedent.  We have killed capitalism.  IT’S OVER…

economic dollar collapseWhat happens to Deutsche Bank and the global financial system when the market opens in several hours?
The Legendary gold and derivatives expert Jim Sinclair came out of retirement today to issue an URGENT WARNING:

jim sinclairThe following urgent communication from the legendary Jim Sinclair is not an easy read, “But it is the MOST IMPORTANT Read of Your Lifetime…

margin explosionWe started off with the flushing of Lehman, and we just saw the flushing of a country, and the flushing of the sovereign bond bubbles.  All tops come on rhino horns.   The moves to safety that took place on Friday are the type of moves that cap, end, and terminate bubbles. 
What’s about to come is exactly what we’ve been warning people about.  Monday morning is GLOBAL MARGIN CALL TIME…

imagesThese manic liberals, one world government and 1% have killed us all, including themselves.  If I was young or a strong 75, I would get out of here while I still could, going to the best location of nobody in the middle of nowhere”…

end collapse

Legendary Gold Trader Jim Sinclair ended his radio silence last weekend to warn listeners to prepare for a FREE-FALL Financial Reset on the immediate horizon. 
Was Sinclair warned BREXIT was about to SHATTER THE MARKETS?

rocketLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair (the man who called the top in gold to the very day in the last gold bull market), and who has famously predicted gold will reach $50,000/oz in the current bull– says that when gold hits his $50,000/oz level, Silver will be GOLD ON STEROIDS…