On May 10, gold launched a decisive turnaround from its most recent decline.
Each time gold retreated from those highs, it found a new bottom at a higher price than the time before. The recent low was $1,218/oz on May 10. In this new spike, gold has now rallied to $1,251 as of early Friday.
If this pattern holds, the next stop is $1,300 or higher:

What They’re Going To Do Is Lock Down The System.
Maybe you’ll be able to get $300 a day from your ATM for gas and groceries…”

explode-volcano-bankersIs a Massive Currency Shock Set to Hit Global Markets? 
Jim Rickards joins with “Urgent Matters to Discuss…


“Financial Crashes are like earthquakes: we know that they are coming, but we know not the day or the hour. The next one is close and is likely to be severe, even epochal.
“In 1998, Wall Street bailed out the hedge funds. In 2008, the central banks bailed out Wall Street. In 2018 – if not sooner – who’s going to bail out the central banks?”
Financial crises are cyclical and the next one is close.  Not only that, but global elites have a secret plan for the next financial crisis…

James Rickards informs Bloomberg that Donald Trump’s Presidency (which he predicted) will be good for gold as he will be the ‘Helicopter Money President’, spending Trillions of dollars on U.S. infrastructure and the US military.
This will cause massive inflation which will benefit gold:

gold kissMaybe you live in Greece or Cyprus or some place where they shut down the banks. 
I think that activity is coming to the US sooner than later…

panicIn stunning remarks made yesterday, Jim Rickards says that Trump “will probably win” and, if he does, stock markets will crash 10% and gold will rise $100 over night.
“If Hillary wins nothing happens, if Trump wins you will have an earthquake.”