Daniela Cambone Jeff ChristianI just stumbled upon a video which I had almost forgot about.
It’s an interview with Jeff Christian by Daniela Cambone from Kitco News, discussing the physical gold market, specifically the role of Switzerland and China.
Mr. Christian claims that investment gold demand is higher in Switzerland than in China.
I disagree.

According to the March 2013 Press Release, ABN AMRO’s gold that was in trust for clients had been rehypothecated, nay let us not use weasel-word bankster-speak, let us use English instead.
How about: “stolen”,” illegally converted to title of another party” instead?
If you receive news that a large bank can not deliver the gold (entrusted to them by their customer clients) back to those clients upon demand, well you might think that the gold is gone, and some freshly printed notes will be offered to clients instead, whereupon the clients would have to enter the gold market and purchase “their” gold back.

It seems a reasonable and bullish way to interpret such information, doesn’t it?
Well, let us look at the gold price in the period following this news release.
Here is a chart of what happened next:

Global Conventional Investment Assets Updated 2013 EstimateThere is no need in trying to prove precious metals manipulation, because it’s out in the open… right in front of your eyes.  However, this doesn’t stop the silly games being played by some of the well-known analysts in the precious metal community.
It is the siphoning of the majority of the worlds fiat currency-funds into the Derivative-Paper Market that is guilty of manipulating the values of gold and silver.  If a fraction of these funds moved into physical assets such as gold and silver, their values would rise to unimaginable levels.
The world will be forced to move into Gold and Silver one way or another.
My advice is… you better get some before it’s too late.

jeffrey christianThere’s a lot of shortsighted and incorrect silver analysis out there, so its imperative that you consider the information in this article. CPM Group just announced the release of their 2014 Silver Yearbook.  In their statement they implied that “Net Global Silver Investment” declined in 2013, while fabrication demand increased.
This sounds like a bearish statement for silver investors, but the reality is… silver investment demand actually INCREASED IN 2013, it did not decline.
CPM Group states that “Official Coin” sales were a record 136 million ounces in 2013.   How in the HELL, did investment demand FALL in 2013, if official coin sales increased 30-40 million oz??
It’s easy… you label the supposed surplus as SILVER INVESTMENT DEMAND… and poof.. you can show a declineLet me explain, I am gonna let you all in on a dirty little secret.

Jeffrey ChristianHas Jeffrey Christian inserted his foot into his mouth once again, and for the second time inadvertently divulged information in a public speech proving that the gold and silver markets are manipulated?
While the end of Christian’s Silver Summit speech in which he attacked metals trader Andrew Maguire has received even MSM media attention over the past week, we suspect slandering Maguire will not be the only reason Christian will regret last Thursday’s speech in Spokane.

In a stunning admission last week at The Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington, CPM Group’s President Jeffrey Christian, a long time opponent of silver market rigging claims, admitted that the price of silver was being illegally set on the COMEX trading floor. This admission came during his attempt to prove that there was no silver market manipulation taking place.

MaguireLast week, an attempted attack on me was made based upon unreliable and misinformation. The most important question to ask from it is why? This is extremely easy to answer. I am exposing the imminent default of the LBMA unallocated bullion banking system. Ever since Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group made the mistake of admitting that a 100/1 leverage was routinely employed by the LBMA Bullion banks, it would appear his credibility with regard to his industry peers, was brought into question by exposing a default vulnerability of the entire LMBA unallocated Bullion banking system. My work in telegraphing and publicising this information has put him on the defense to try put negative spin on my highly successful trading career.
Attempts to discredit my work by focusing on my credentials 40 years ago, using unreliable sources, confirms that the recent information that I am uncovering is exposing the very real risk of a potential LBMA default.

Andrew Maguire’s full response to Jeffrey Christian’s fraud allegations that Maguire has no precious metals markets experience is below:

messengerAs SD readers are likely aware, CPM Group’s Managing Director Jeffrey Christian publicly called out silver manipulation whistle-blower Andrew Maguire as a fraud with no real precious metals market experience Thursday at the Silver Summit in Washington. 
In response to an SD reader (and Coghlan client)’s inquiry regarding the matter, Andrew Maguire’s employer Paul Coghlan of Coghlan Capital issued the following response:

There’s been quite a bit of talk about Andrew Maguire these past 24 hours. I’ve received a handful of emails asking me for my opinion so I thought I would make a public response.
If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, this all started Thursday when Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group, who was speaking at the Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington, concluded his presentation with some “revelations” about Maguire’s personal life and background- claiming Maguire is “a fraud”. 
Jeffrey Christian has had a bug up his rear for quite some time now regarding GATA, Bill Murphy and Andrew Maguire. I wonder why?
Could it be related to his company’s “expertise in financial engineering that utilizes derivatives…“?
It certainly appears that Jeffrey and his company have a vested interest in maintaining the current, leveraged, fractional reserve derivative system. I mean, it says so right there on the CPM Group’s home page.

Daniela Cambone Jeff ChristianPermabear shill Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group (who no surprise is bearish on gold short term) was interviewed by Kitco’s Daniella Cambone over the weekend, and dropped the quote of the week regarding incoming Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen.
Christian discussed his excitement of President Obama’s choice, stating that Janet Yellen is a tremendous economist!
Perhaps Mr. Christian is blissfully ignorant of Yellen’s infamous 2010 quote regarding the 2007-08 housing/credit collapse:
For my own part, I did not see and did not appreciate what the risks were with securitization, the credit ratings agencies, the shadow banking system, the S.I.V.’s — I didn’t see any of that coming until it happened.
Christian’s must see interview is below:

gold bull overBy SD Contributor SRSrocco:


Jeffrey Christian today proudly proclaimed on Mineweb that the gold bull market died in 2011, and that he correctly made that call 2 years ago.

As all of you know, Jeff Christian is CPM Group. Funny that he says the Gold Bull Market Died in 2011.
Let’s bring back one of his wonderful forecasts for silver from Financial Sense Round Table back in 2011:

Daniela Cambone Jeff ChristianOur favorite gold and silver cartel shill, CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian gave an interview to Kitco’s Daniela Cambone at the 2013 PDAC conference in Toronto. 

Permabear Christian stated that gold and silver investors and those optimistic about the outlook for the metals are disillusioned, and stated that Turkey’s recent efforts to convert their citizens privately held gold into central bank gold reserves (via rehypothecation) is pure genius that will be emulated by the other central banks.

As to his gold outlook, Christian is as bullish as we’ve ever seen him, stating that, We don’t think gold will crash down to $1,000, we think it has support at $1400.

Christian’s full interview with Daniela is below:

rocketSilver has been trading sideways so far in 2013, but what will the rest of the year bring? Will 2013 be the year silver prices break out or crash and burn? What is a sustainable silver price for mining companies and where will the metal come from to supply the next generation of industrial and investment demand? Most important, how can investors make money off this volatile sector? These were the burning questions The Gold Report took to analysts, money managers and heads of silver mining companies.
The answers (from the likes of Eric Sprott, David Morgan, Bob Archer, & Jeffrey Christian) may surprise you.

SD’s own SRSrocco lets cartel shills Jeffrey Christian and Ned Schmidt have it in his latest MUST READ silver analysis.

By SD Contributor SRSrocco:

There are two misconceptions about the silver market that are still held by many investors in the precious metals community One is the notion that the world produces large annual silver surpluses and the other is the low cost of mining silver.  Some have argued that the investors have been deceived by certain aspects of the silver industry to believe these two fabrications.

If the silver institute determined the annual silver surplus-deficit the same way as the World Gold Council calculates gold, there would be no so-called huge silver surpluses However, the silver industry and investors have been indoctrinated to believe that silver is just a mere slave to fulfill the demands of its industrial masters.  Institutions, individual investors or the public who have the “need” or “use” to acquire silver as investment — need not apply.

Before we get into destroying the myth (once and for all) behind the so-called silver surpluses, here is the definition of surplus:

Apparently it’s not enough to merely hammer the metals with MOPE raids, the bullion banks are also trotting out the propaganda shills in order to properly manage the public’s perception of gold and silver in the wake of QE4.

Our favorite cartel shill Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group is back on BNN, spewing more of his classic BS rhetoric regarding the metals.
Christian told the BNN viewers he expects gold to trade in a range from $1450 to $1750 in 2013, and that silver will trade in a sustained downtrend, claiming that silver demand is weak both from an industrial and an investment standpoint
While silver is in fact up approximately 18% year to date, Christian chose to compare silver’s average price in 2012 with the average price of 2011, and claimed that the metal is down 15% year to date.

Christian capped off his outlook by claiming that he expects silver to outperform gold to the downside in 2013, due to enormous surpluses of the metal.