hyperinflationHyperinflation can only be an excessive or exponential increase in the supply of money.
Most people will either not understand or not agree with this definition of hyperinflation, because they have been consistently fed a pseudo-definition of this term, that “hyperinflation” represents an exponential increase in prices, i.e. extreme price inflation.
In fact, this extreme price-spiral is not the actual hyperinflation, but rather the consequence of hyperinflation.
The causal chain here is elementary…

As the world’s silver mines were driven out of business by the perennial price-manipulation of the banking crime syndicate, a greater and greater percentage of the world’s silver came as a byproduct of other mining, by default.
This (silver manipulation) is the ONLY reason why we do not continue to get most of our silver from silver mines, just as humanity has done for more than 4,000 years…

In the case of both gold and silver, all we see is prices having recovered some of their losses, and returned to 2013 price-levels, which were deemed outrageously low at the time. Indeed, in the case of gold, even after six months of this so-called rally, the price is still (far) below the break-even mark for the industry as a whole.
What kind of rally is it, when after six months of this “new, bull market” the price for gold has not even come close to reaching a break-even level for the industry?

cliff-edgeCurrently, what’s taking place in bullion markets, over the short term, we are in the middle of a fake rally…
If you want to crash metals prices and they are already at bargain basement levels then you have to march them up a bit first, if you wanna give them a really good crash.
Before it’s all over, silver could revisit a single digit trading number.

The issue is surplus liquidity – what’s been described as China’s “great ball of money,” which bounces around from asset class to asset class as if in a pinball machine…By now, credit and money growth has far outstripped any good opportunities for investment in China’s real economy, which is hobbled by excess capacity.
Yes, the issue is surplus liquidity. Follow the money. But let’s take a look and see whose “great ball of money is larger” –
China’s or the U.S.’s?

Manipulation of the silver and gold “fix” is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the manipulation of precious metals markets.
Of far greater significance are the following categories of fraud and manipulation:

There is no horror that cannot occur in human society, once economic order collapses,” so says Jeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada.
As the world prepares for economic life after the Dollar, Jeff and I examine the quantifiable data that proves Americans are living on borrowed time. There is absolutely no way the US Dollar can survive the mounting tsunami of debt accumulated by government spending that has been out of control for decades.
As the world prepares for the day of reckoning, most Americans are blissfully unaware of what’s coming.

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-Tunnel Jeff Nielson from BullionBullsCanada joins the SGTReport to discuss how to END the endless corruption in the precious metals markets. We cover the Rothschild’s ONE BANK, Bitcoin and everything in between. Jeff says he thinks the Rothschilds will SMASH Bitcoin which has emerged as a rival to their fiat empire. How does Jeff know this? Because he says that’s exactly what he would do if he was a Trillionaire Bankster.
As for physical precious metals which have suffered a brutal year, Jeff says, “ONE BANK wants to keep people out of the precious metals sector at ALL COSTS and so it is doing literally everything in its power to discourage people from putting their money in gold and silver. So ask yourself this, if the Bankers want you to get your money out of gold and silver, more than anything else in the world, then isn’t gold and silver exactly the place you want to be?

Jeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada joins SGT to discuss the global flight out of paper gold and silver and into PHYSICAL bullion. We also talk about the new CBC documentary “The Monarchs of Money” – and how it attempts to elevate the Central Banksters to benevolent servants of the financial markets, even as it shares some truth. We wrap things up with a conversation about deflation VS inflation VS hyperinflation — Jeff says, without a single additional printed dollar, the US and all major countries on earth could find themselves in a state of hyperinflation the minute the Banksters unleash the TRILLIONS already printed.

silver smashOur friend Sean of SGTReport.com has released an interview with Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada regarding the growing silver shortage, and the massive 7.4 MILLION ounces of silver eagles sold in January alone, a record. The US Mint can’t keep up with demand for PHYSICAL and neither can the Royal Canadian Mint which produces the .9999 Silver Maple Leaf. Whereas the outright fraudulent SLV etf seems to have no problem magically adding 572 TONS of physical metal to its supposed hoard, literally overnight. Like the US government’s GDP number fraud, it’s all an illusion – built on outrageous lies.

SGT’s full interview with Jeff Nielson on exploding silver demand and physical shortages is below: