In the wake of bail-ins as the new bank resolution method of choice throughout the entire Western world, our friends at Demonocracy have released a MUST SEE infographic on the FDIC illusion of insured bank deposits.  

The infographic gives a visual view on the size of FDIC’s fund vs. the total deposits that the FDIC covers.
What happens to the rest of deposits in the event of a banking crisis?  Well, that’s what bail-ins are for!

Full infographic is below:

Our friends at Demonocracy have finally released an infographic visualizing silver bullion supplies. 
Demonocracy made infographics famous by visualizing the US Debt in $100 bills and the global derivatives casino among others.

The new MUST SEE silver bullion infographic visualizes silver bullion mined throughout history, available in the LBMA, COMEX, EFT reported holdings, silver reserves, and much more. 
Unlike US debt stacked in pallets of $100 bills, the world’s silver supply does NOT dwarf the NYC skyline.

Full MUST SEE infographic is below:

Our friends at Sprott Asset Management have released an infographic on the platinum and palladium markets.  Sprott now offers exposure to platinum and palladium through its ETF’s SPPP & PPT.U. 

The infographic breaks down platinum and palladium sources of demand, production, ore grades, supply/demand imbalances (and the net supply deficit, as in silver), and historical prices.

Full info graphic below:

demonocracy-gold-10_tons-100_tonsOur friend Oto from has released another must see infographic.  Rather than depicting the US debt or deficit in $100 bills dwarfing the NY skyline and reaching the moon, Demonocracy’s latest infographic depicts the world’s entire gold supply in bullion bar form.
In the wake of the Bundesbank’s announcement that it will repatriate its gold reserves from the NY Fed and 374 tons from the Bank of Paris, this is a MUST SEE visual representation of what 374 tons (or Germany’s entire 3,400 ton gold reserves) physically looks like.

Our friends at Demonocracy have released another excellent infographic, this time detailing the shocking failure of the Federal Reserve’s money printing policy of QE∞ to bring any semblance of real recovery to the economy.

The Federal Reserve’s Money Printing FAILURE: The Infographic