hyperinflationThe masses, it seems, have been waking up for a while. Not only have we had state sanctioned inflationism ever since the credit crunch, but the developed world’s central banks have done their best to destroy faith in money altogether. It turns out that hyperinflation itself wasn’t a necessary precondition for a crack-up boom – taking interest rates into negative territory was quite sufficient to trigger a rush into real assets.
Everybody loves the early stages of inflation…

hyperinflationHyperinflation can only be an excessive or exponential increase in the supply of money.
Most people will either not understand or not agree with this definition of hyperinflation, because they have been consistently fed a pseudo-definition of this term, that “hyperinflation” represents an exponential increase in prices, i.e. extreme price inflation.
In fact, this extreme price-spiral is not the actual hyperinflation, but rather the consequence of hyperinflation.
The causal chain here is elementary…

venezuelaHyperinflation is well underway in Venezuela. June monthly figures put inflation around 22%, with inflation at 488% for the year but I know from personal experience that the government numbers, as with all governments, are heavily lied about.
Now comes a new disaster for Venezuela’s beleaguered citizens:

explosionIn this extended interview, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie Warns
A Financial Storm of Historic Proportions is Set to be Unleashed…

venezuelaWhat started as a trickle, with several hundred desperate women defying border guards and crossing into Columbia to retrieve badly needed supplies, has turned into a flood.  The Venezuelan government has acquiesced to the demands of its people, and has started opening the border with Columbia for brief periods of time, and Venezuelans are taking advantage of that in droves.
It’s estimated that over the weekend, 123,000 Venezuelans crossed into Columbia to buy supplies that can’t be found in their own country.

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hyperinflationDerivative defaults will blot out the financial landscape like a murder of crows.
In a brief moment, precious metals prices will pass through their fundamental price equilibrium on their way to unimagined levels, while re-asserting themselves as the ultimate value measuring sticks.
From there we hit the point of no return, money velocity surges as the devaluing dollars are forced through government channels, and hyperinflation finally commences…

PutinRussia and Chinese leaders met twice during last week and called (again) for an end to the current (dollar) system.From my contacts with Chinese insiders I know they really understand our problems well and are clearly preparing for The Next Phase (a monetary and geopolitical reset…