Many investors believe that a company can produce silver at its cash cost.  If Hecla was producing silver at its $7.40 cash cost per ounce in Q3 2013, why in the living h*ll did they have a $8.4 million loss at a realized price of $22.22?
The top primary silver miners Break Even for Q3 2013 was $21.39 for the group. 
However, a great deal of cost cutting was done to get it down to that amount.  I don’t see this as a sustainable figure over the longer haul if these companies want to replace production and remain healthy in the future.
I still believe the primary silver miners will be some of the best investments to own in the next several years.  As the world’s fiat monetary system gets revalued in the future based on a physical assets, we are going to see a big move up in the value of gold and silver.  Physical metal will be hard to acquire, so the miners will be the next best thing.
Mark my words….

By SD Contributor SRSrocco:

While it is true that the gold & silver miners have underperformed the bullion… I believe we are going to see a different story in these stocks in the next several years.  Right now, you can’t give the da*n things away.  Of course, it’s not as bad as the end of 2008… early 2009, but the sentiment is pretty bad.

I believe the gold and silver miners have been hammered… yes.  I disagree with many of those on KWN that the stocks are way UNDERVALUED… they AIN’T

I believe the stocks are being properly valued to the price of the metals… however, we all know the metals are manipulated.
Once we start to see the revaluation of GOLD to some trade settlement backing and we have a devaluation of the dollar, there will be a huge run into precious metals… probably before hand as well as the stocks.
Money will have to flow into gold and silver stocks.