Deutsche bank is going to spill the beans on the other banks in both gold and silver.
DB must provide and they stated that they would supply all the emails between the parties as per the manipulation of silver and gold.
The real question is what prompted DB to settle?

cartel raidToday, the bankers got a good look at the real OI for today in both gold and silver, and they decided en masse that it was necessary to orchestrate a raid. 
The problem of course was the fact that many investors were waiting in the wings and they gobbled up many of the huge offerings from our bankers.

smashThe appetite for gold coming from China is depleting not only gold from the LBMA and GLD but also the comex is bleeding gold. Our 670 tonnes of rock bottom inventory in GLD gold has been broken.
It looks to me that China has taken the last amounts of physical gold from the GLD. I guess the only place left for China to receive physical gold, after they deplete the GLD will be the FRBNY and the comex.

chinaOn Thursday I told you that after China devalued their yuan on 4 consecutive days, the POBC was sending a strong message to the USA not to engage in any interest rate hikes.  Although three of the Fed governors were pounding the table that the USA needed to raise rates, it was obvious that if China devalued their yuan say by 20% to 8:1 (8 yuan/USA) to stay competitive, then everything would hit the wall: the Euro would collapse, the dollar skyrocket, then dollar scarcity, commodities collapse in price and then emerging market collapses together with their sovereign bonds.
Today, Yellen got the message as she again goes extremely dovish.  The USA can never raise rates again.