Harvey OrganThe raid orchestrated by the crooks on Sunday night and Monday morning was aimed at silver.
The relatively high OI for the new upcoming front month of September as well as HUGE numbers of options in the money is scaring our bankers and thus the need to raid…

China goldWe are coming up to the big event where the yuan is to be included in the SDR’s on September 30.
The inclusion will dilute the use of the USA dollar and that is becoming quite problematic for our banking crooks.
I would also like to point out to you that the banking west is totally paying no attention to the higher Shanghai gold fix.
Ladies and Gentlemen: the war is on for the supremacy of the gold market: China vs the USA..

imagesToday England joined Japan and the ECB with massive QE. England also lowered its interest rate to a tiny .25% heading towards zero bound.  Gold and silver responded in kind.
The message is clear:  the global economy is in one complete mess!  

cartel raidI wrote the following yesterday:
“The way that silver lagged behind gold today, it sure looks like our criminal banks will try another raid tomorrow on our precious metals.”
The colluding crooked banks did not disappoint me with their raid on gold and silver today…

Gold BundesbankLate tonight we received the report of movement of gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York:
Thus a total of 41 million dollars worth of gold left New York shores valued at 42.22 dollars per oz.
Since Germany is the only official country to have asked for the gold back you can be safe to assume that it is this country that is the recipient of the gold.
Germany must have sent out an extra SOS to get their gold back!!