We had quite a day Friday.  Gold shot up along with silver. Greek 3 year bond yields rise to 19% signifying default is in the wind.
The Mexican Peso and the Brazilian real collapsed.  The European CPI plummets to negative.6% and thus deflation intensifies.
The Brazilian economy collapses with its twin deficits ie. a fiscal deficit along with a current account deficit. 
German bund 30 yrs out falls in yield to below 1%.  Stock markets around the globe plummet. 
All in all, you must say that this was a day to remember.

silver crash

The bankers for the past several years have raided gold and silver at the conclusion of every month.  Four days prior to the end of the month we have the options expiry on the COMEX.
On the last day of the month we have the OTC options expiry where hedge funds buy options from the bankers on the OTC market.  Why on earth investors day in and day out buy options on the precious metals is beyond me.
These guys are mega crooks.  In gold they wanted to have all 1260 dollar call  options and above go worthless.  In silver it was all calls between $16.75 and $18.00. They were successful as they pocketed all of the premiums.  This is how the banks make money.
The Fed keeps the rates at zero and provides loans to these bums at 0% so that they can execute these trades against us.


Gold and silver were basically treading water up until the 2:00 o’clock FOMC report was issued.  Actually gold and silver were whacked 10 minutes after the report. Gold/silver equity shares also took it on the chin today as well.
Today we follow developments whether Greece will play ball with the ECB boys or seek the help from Russia and China and default, leaving the west with a mess.

Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today:


The open interest for the upcoming February contract month remains extremely high at 130,026 with 3 days to go.
I cannot recall ever seeing such a high OI with 3 days remaining coupled with extremely low volume on the COMEX. 
Something sinister is happening behind scenes in COMEX gold. 

launch rocket vertical

The gold shares rebounded sharply today as the bankers covered their massive shorts in the gold/silver equity shares.  That is a sure sign that gold and silver will have a very strong day tomorrow. 
The crooks are controlling the precious metals market every minute of every trading day.

economic dollar collapse

Friday we witnessed another rout in the Euro.  At one time early this morning it was trading in the 1.11 handle.  It closed at 1.1201.  The latest polls indicate that the Syriza party will win the Greek election on Sunday and the party claims that they are not responsible for any commitments promised by the previous government.
If they leave the Euro, then this will create complete chaos for the ECB and various banks that have lent money to Greece together with the total implosion of credit default swaps underwritten by the big USA banks (and Deutsche bank) on the health of Greece.

gold vault

The bankers tried to contain gold/silver ahead of the decision by the ECB to undergo a 1.14 trillion euro quantitative easing.   It just did not work as gold and silver caught some bids and closed higher on the day.
We will detail for you the big decision by Draghi to undergo QE.  However 80% of the liability rests with national central banks and most are broke anyway.  So placing further liability on their heads is pointless.
The real news is that the Chinese are setting up a currency exchange with the Swiss in Zurich and this no doubt was the cause of Switzerland immediately abandoning the peg with the Euro.
China will also use Switzerland as a key centre of gold trading.


Today, once gold surpassed the 1300 dollar level, one could guess that the bankers were going to defend their turf and they most assuredly did  with a raid this morning. 
Surprisingly silver did not follow gold.  Silver surpassed the 18.00 dollar level and stayed there for the rest of the day.


Today gold and silver had a good day price wise as the fear factor continues to weigh in on the financial scene.
Late on Friday, the SPDR gold trust released data suggesting another 13.74 tonnes of gold was added to its inventory.
The huge repatriation of gold into Germany in December of 85 tonnes also gave gold a much needed boost.
Get ready for the defense of $1300.00 gold and $18.00 silver as the bankers will continue to go all out to defend their turf.

We just received word that Germany repatriated 120 tonnes of gold:  35 tonnes from Paris France and 85 tonnes from NY! We already knew that 47 tonnes was repatriated from FRBNY (to Germany and Holland) during the month of November of which 3.5 tonnes belonged to the Netherlands.  Thus 43.5 tonnes of gold was repatriated to Frankfurt for the entire 2014 year up to the November figure. With the BuBa announcement of 85 tonnes arriving in December, we now know that Germany repatriated 41.5 tonnes of gold in December.
We will get verification of that on the release of the FRBNY figures next week.
However what is true is the speed of repatriation is accelerating!


What a day.  Late last night we got word that two brokerage firms are in serious trouble due to these guys being on the wrong side of the Long USA dollar/short Swiss Franc trade.   Then today, many more firms stated that they have lost serious money on the trade.
What is interesting on the Swiss unpegging of its currency (the peg was 120 Swiss Franc/1 Euro) was this was done in total  secrecy.  Christine Lagarde was totally unaware that this was forthcoming.
Generally the bankers know in advance but this time everyone was in total darkness.
Again we are witnessing central banks not trusting one another.
You can bet the farm that there will be huge derivative losses on the Swiss unpegging.


If you want to get a glimpse as to what gold will do one day soon just notice what happened to the Swiss Franc which rose 30% today, from 1.20 to the dollar to, at one point, .75 francs to the dollar and settled at .86 to the dollar( and the Euro/Swiss Franc at parity at 1.00.).
Even as the world perceives the Swiss Franc as a safe haven you can just imagine what gold would do and rise even greater than 30% in one day as our ancient metal of kings is the ultimate safe haven ( and ultimate money).

silver raid

Yesterday we had gold and silver higher but the gold/silver equity shares were much lower.
It sure looked like the boys were going to raid PMs today.  However FEAR spread throughout the globe with oil crashing in Europe along with the price of copper.  Then once NY started to trade, we were greeted with news of awful retail sales (remember that the consumer is 70% of GDP) coupled with horrible earnings report from JPMorgan.  The housing sector continues to act in disarray.  This sent the Dow futures down dramatically. However  gold and silver started to rise on those fears.  The bankers had their work cut out for them, trying to cool the prices for our precious metals.
Judging by what they did late in the comex session and in the access market, one can expect another raid attempt tomorrow.

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Oil continues to be the big topic of the day.  At one point in the day, both Brent and WTI traded at identical levels as Europe continues to deflate. The losses in the oil patch are huge due to losses in the mega dollar short plus the oil and other commodities that were bought with the dollar short.  The yen carry trade continues to unwind as does the Nikkei/gold cross trade. Expect to see billows of massive smoke from the mammoth losses in the TRILLIONS!
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Gold had a boost today with news that the Ukraine has reserves of only 7.5 billion dollars.  They are now within a whisker of default and need help from the IMF.
It also looks very likely that we are going to have a GREXIT and with it all the ramifications for derivatives. 
Our European bankers do not like this one bit.

Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today: