Jim fills us in on this stealthy little detail…

Bitcoin is targeted, so stack up on gold & silver before things really get out-of-hand! Here’s the latest on the battles against cryptocurrencies.


On this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets, Eric Dubin & Dave Kranzler dig deep into all the market movements as gold and silver pop, fear in the markets spikes, and the real possibility of nuclear war comes front and center amidst all the geopolitical turmoil.

Nixon in 1971, the 2015 precedence in Greece, and now the Charlottesville, VA violence and chaos. Tomorrow is one of those days we could again see a Sunday Address by President Trump. That would signal the start of SOMETHING BIG.

Fundamental and technical analysis on gold, silver, the US dollar, commodities, the stock market, and a VERY humbling argument for why the VIX has topped out here, for now.