collapseFriday’s Brexit vote truly was a game-changer and the single most important financial event since 2008. 
That it might accelerate the death throes of the Bullion Bank Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme is not something that is fully appreciated by the global gold “community” – yet


In the gold and silver segment of our exclusive coverage on BREXIT Contagion, Jim Willie warns that if THIS happens next:
We’re Going to Make A Rather Quick Move Towards $1,900…

SprottI think about the short position in gold and silver.  We have $87 BILLION dollars in shorts.  A 5% move is a $4 Billion hit.
That’s what’s happening, JUST TODAY.  The shorts Have GOT to be Hurting Here.
Look at the moves in gold prices today: In AUD, Up 8%.  In GBP Up 22%.  In CAD Up 7%.  In Peso Up 8%. In Krona 10%.


Market Bloodbath Monday?

burning house

They Won’t Be Able to Stabilize the Markets Until We Go ALOT Lower…

SD Weekly Metals and Markets is Below!

silver stormThe twenty-year bear market in gold stocks against gold was caused by a “perfect deflationary storm”. That storm itself was caused by a bear market in money velocity and bank loan profit margins.  The storm is ending.  Inflation is beginning to creep higher, and doing so at a time when the US business cycle is peaking. 

panicR.J. O’Brien broker called about 2 pm or so, said the margin per gold contract was doubling, effective close of biz this coming Monday, from $4950 per contract to $9900 per contract. [I didn’t think to ask about silver, was so stunned].
Broker said something about the BREXIT vote this coming Thursday, and effect on gold…


explosionWith the Gold Price Hitting A NEW HIGH Above $1308 & Closing the Week at $1300, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined the Show Discussing:

  • $1300 Gold: 3 Taps & OUT? 
  • “There’s Not Alot of Resistance Between Here and $1800.  This Thing Could Turn into a Runaway Freight Train VERY QUICKLY”
  • The Setup is Here For Gold: “I Think It Will Happen Before the End of July!” 

    A Crucial Metals & Markets Update Is Below:

ballangerimage2Thursday’s reversal is a critical one, because if we take out $1,287 in the Access Market hours, the technical signal will be egregiously bad.
Failed breakout with a double top and an outside reversal to the downside?
Uglier than a one-eyed orangutan on steroids…

On Friday, gold rose +20.10 [+1.57%] to 1301.60 on moderately heavy volume, while silver rose +0.32 [+1.86%] to 17.44 on moderate volume.  Gold outperformed silver, erasing yesterday’s losses and then some, finally closing above round number 1300 for the first time in more than a year.

SprottFollowing Friday’s wild gyrations as gold and silver spiked, then were hit hard by the banksters, The Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott breaks it all down.
“We had our big break-through and then all of a sudden something happened.  We can’t underestimate that The Cabal has the power.  The only question is do they have the power to be successful?  
That was an orchestrated take-down.
We’re in a MASSIVE BULL MARKET.  The gains coming, especially in the stocks, people aren’t even able to imagine…

Gold was on a tear early this morning rising to $1315.00.  Then somehow there was a story that London’s bookies were betting a 60% chance that there will not be a BREXIT and that sent gold tumbling. THE STORY CAME OUT YESTERDAY MORNING.  Then Jo Cox, MP in the English Parliament (and against BREXIT) was assassinated. 
Rumours began immediately this would cause a delay in the BREXIT vote, and the algo driven pummeling of gold/silver was on…