goldThe earliest signs are developing of hyperinflation, more correctly described as a collapse of the purchasing power of all the major government currencies.

Look at the gold price action while “deliveries” were taking place this year.
During the calendar months of February, April and June, the gold price has soared anywhere from 7% to 12%!
Could August be setting up for a similar move?

snow higherLong term, We’ve had major developments this year.  To me, the most significant one is that the 5 year down trend in silver has been broken to the upside.
It suggests that precious metals are going to PLOW higher into the end of the year…

Caption Contest 1Japan announced announced last week that its TOCOM commodity exchange would begin trading physical gold – like the Shanghai Gold Exchange – on July 25th.
The news of this event was largely muted in the western financial media and even the alternative media blogosphere largely seems to have overlooked the news release. But this is a highly significant development because it signals a subtle shift in Japan’s economic and monetary focus from west to east.  
It will also create an big upward price-readjustment in gold and silver…

Jim Willie gunWould a Collapse of Deutsche Bank really be 5 x Bigger Than the Collapse of Lehman Brothers?
The Doc Joined Kennedy Financial to Discuss the Biggest Risks Facing the Global Financial System…

gold barsAt some point there will be a Commercial Short Squeeze, which would result in a skyrocketing gold price as the bullion banks scramble to buy back their positions.  
If the situation in the European banks continues to disintegrate, the Commercials may be forced to either ADD more shorts or COVER and buy back their positions…

BubbleGold is a bubble which will burst, according to Rabobank chief investment officer Han Dieperink. In his latest update on financial markets, he expects gold to drop below $500 per troy ounce, much lower than the current price of about $1.315 per troy ounce.

Pisani gold gldA lot of investors have invested in GLD and SLV under the mistaken assumption that they are investing in “gold.”
In the latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss why we believe GLD/SLV are Ponzi schemes created as a mechanism to control the price of gold/silver.


I’ve got gold going to $10,000 now. So, I’m the guy with the highest price target out there…It could be a matter of weeks or a matter of years. This is one of these avalanche type event things. You don’t know when the snowflakes are going to hit. It’s going to be a change in psychology, a panic reaction, and it will happen very quickly…it could be a five-year play or it could be a one-year play depending on circumstances. I don’t really want to get into the timing of it except that the dynamic is set up for $10,000 gold…