According to GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, we’re looking at “One of the Most Chaotic, Big Moves in the HISTORY of Markets…”

GATA Chairman Chris Powell Joins SD to Reveal A Secret Regarding the Cartel Manipulation of Gold and Silver Prices…

Central Banks ran out of silver to unload on the market a long time ago.  As such, they’ve had to resort to using paper derivative silver in the form of Comex futures, LBMA forward and OTC derivatives in their effort to cap the price of silver. In the last year, the amount of paper silver sold short against the available supply physical silver has grown into an astronomical number.
At this point the banks can only pray that less than 1% of the longs each delivery period will continue to settle the contracts in cash…


GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joins Us to Reveal Shocking News:
JPMorgan is “Petrified:


GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joined Us To Break Down Today’s $2 BILLION Paper Silver Massacre:

Murphy Reveals Shares Were Slaughtered Ahead of Today’s Silver BOMBING, and This Is Leading To Something Spectacular In The Silver Market…

shootingThe logic of the use of derivatives to suppress monetary metals prices is that there is enormous potential for prices to explode if the rigging stops and the physical market defeats the paper market. But as long as investors are ready to accept mere certificates from bullion banks in place of real metal – governments, central banks, and their agents are ready to issue paper for infinite amounts of imaginary gold…


sd-bill-murphy-thumbnailGATA’s Bill Murphy joins Silver Doctors to Expose “the biggest intervention in all the financial markets in U.S. history…”

GATAFor now the big accumulators of physical gold (China, Russia, India) are content with the current rigged market price of gold as long as the west can continue to make deliveries into these countries.
But at some point the west’s “cupboard” will be bare and big buyers will see what the Comex really has in its vaults.
It’s at that point when the precious metals market will become interesting…

trumpWith Gold & Silver markets falling flat, and the US Presidential election fast approaching, how will the outcome of the election play out for Gold & Silver?
Why are gold & silver managed as they are, and WHEN will the current stalemate be broken?
Bill Murphy, co-founder of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee returns to offer insight on the resurgence of manipulation and his prediction on when the endgame will be up!


burning-mic-fireWith Gold and Silver Prices Smashed Again Friday Afternoon, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Mic Was SMOKING…

Bill MurphyI think they are finally reaching a tipping point… The death knell to the gold cartel is the lack of supply of silver to keep the price down.  I think you are going to see the double top of $50 be taken out and go to at least $100 per ounce and maybe a lot more.
They know when they lose control of silver, and it gets to $21 (per ounce), it will be the end of their gold suppression scheme.
It will be a gradual process because the price of silver is going to go BONKERS…


billBill Murphy Warned For Several Years That $18.50 Would Serve As A Trigger For Silver. 
Sure Enough, Silver Prices Rocketed Higher After Reaching $18.50.
Has the Road Been Cleared For A Mega Move to $50/oz, and Then On to $100? 
We Invited the GATA Chairman Back On the Show This Week To Discuss What Comes Next For Silver Prices…

Pisani gold gldThe Bank of Montreal just “went there” .
According to the prospectus of the Bank’s new $500 million gold fund, the fund (which will give investors the option of withdrawing their investment in real gold) seeks to eliminate “derivatives risk as well as “’empty vault risk’ or gold bullion lending risk.