Watch Janet Yellen’s First FOMC Press Conference LIVE at 2:30pm EST!

YellenFOMCWith the Fed announcing an additional $10 billion taper moments ago, bringing monthly asset purchases down to $50 billion a month (still a pace of $.6 Trillion a year), ultra-dove Janet Yellen is preparing to take to the podium to deliver her very first FOMC press conference & Q&A session.
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Watch Bernanke’s LAST FOMC Press Conference LIVE at SD at 2:30pm EST!

Watch Ben Bernanke’s LAST FOMC Press Conference LIVE below at 2:30pm EST! [Read more...]

Watch Bernanke’s Press Conference LIVE

ben bernanke press conference watch liveWith QE∞ now confirmed and the metals exploding out of their recent decline, Watch Bernanke’s FOMC Press Conference LIVE at 2:30pm EST below: [Read more...]

Bernanke States Cyprus Style Depositor Haircuts Possible in US if Events in Europe Become Contagious!


At this afternoon’s FOMC Press Conference in response to a question posed as to whether the Fed would ever impose depositor haircuts as was attempted this week in Cyprus, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke confirmed that Cyprus style depositor haircut wealth confiscation is possible here in the US if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar.

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