plane-crashAs more people wake up to this reality, the demand for gold is just going to explode worldwide.  
And the price of gold is going to go through the roof…

explode-volcanoe-fire-hotJim Willie Issues A Systemic Lehman Event Warning,
Except This Time, The Entire Global Financial System Will Erupt Like A Debt Volcano…“:

nuclear-collapse-endTest model #1  Cyprus.  Direct theft of people’s capital.
Test Model #2   Greece. Direct theft of people’s capital through bail-ins of mega banks.
Test model #3  India.  Direct, draconian demonetization of the rupee within a 4 hour window, thus stealing the savings of 1,100,000,000 of the poorest people on earth.
Note there were no warnings…


stockmarketbubbleCan Donald Trump Stop the US Dollar Collapse?

They called it “Brexit”.
And it rocked the world.
All the so-called experts scared the bejeezus out of voters with predictions of doom and gloom consequences should Britain leave the EU.
All-out panic ensued in financial markets when the Brexit results were announced.
But then something interesting happened…



collapse-end-fireThe FIRST DOMINO: 
Will Deutsche bank be the catalyst for the collapse of the European banking system?

Donald J. Trumptrumpcrushesestablishment is the President-Elect of the United States.
The media and political establishment are SHELL-SHOCKED.
When the results came in, Dow futures collapsed 700 points LIMIT DOWN and gold skyrocketed.
But now the markets have reversed dramatically.
Rob Kirby says the ONLY explanation for market reversal is market interference.
Trump will not allow this kind of manipulation…


willieIn this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Jim Willie Makes a Shocking Claim – US Treasury Bonds Are Being REJECTED As Payment in These Port Facilities:


cliff-edge-fallHere’s What Happens Next:


The system as we know it will collapse.
The government will steal everything that’s not nailed down and not protected with your life…


collapseJeff Berwick  joins SD to discuss the coming economic collapse. Berwick believes TPTB realize the system cannot survive and are going to engineer a collapse.
He says
governments around the world, international organizations, and billionaires realize the writing is on the wall & are preparing for the coming crisis…


trumpIt all comes down to this.  Can Trump Make America Great Again? 
Will Hillary drag America in Nuclear War with Russia over an oil pipeline? 
Whoever wins, James Corbett makes the case it will be “Business As Usual” as the Economic Collapse Rolls On…

4Jason Burack joins Silver Doctors to discuss the bombshells from the FBI and Wikileaks that are killing Clinton’s campaign.
Even more damaging leaks may still be on the horizon.
Are we witnessing a COUP against Hillary!?!

crashPhil Kennedy sat down with financial and geopolitical analyst Eric Dubin to discuss the Fed’s failure to raise interest rates…again.  Eric explains that financial markets have levitated on artificial liquidity and 2017 will be the year market participants give up their blind faith that central bankers can support asset prices, indefinitely.

fight-battle-warA TITANIC battle is underway, where the Eastern nations are discarding their USTreasury Bonds, and doing so in tremendous volume while they set up the many platforms and pieces to the Gold Standard.
The risk of war rises…