Who Says You Can’t Eat Gold? Man Swallows Twelve Gold Bars To Avoid Taxes

MSM shills like Ezra Klein have long claimed that physical gold is worthless because you can’t eat it. 
Seems they were wrong.  [Read more...]

Ezra Klein on Reinstitution of Gold Standard: ‘That’s A Clown Idea, Bro’

Liberal WashingtonPost blogger Ezra Klein who earned himself a spot in SD’s Hall of Shame in January when he bashed gold stating that the metals is worthless because not only can you not eat it, but you also cannot build your house with it or use it as ammunition, is back at it again.

Commenting on the Republican Party’s announcement last week of a Gold Commission to look into the return of a gold standard in the US, Klein states that the policy isA Clown Idea, Bro‘.

Actually we happen to agree that a gold standard is ‘a clown idea, bro‘, but not for the reasons Klein has in mind.  What we actually need is not a gold standard, but the return a bi-metallic gold AND SILVER standard.

As you might guess, Klein has a different reason for calling a return to a gold standard ‘a clown idea.   [Read more...]