SprottIn the MUST LISTEN Market Update below, Eric Sprott discusses the recent price weakness in gold relative to the continued STRONG performance of silver and the mining shares.
“Silver Just Won’t Break….It Could Get VERY Explosive Here..”

SprottI think about the short position in gold and silver.  We have $87 BILLION dollars in shorts.  A 5% move is a $4 Billion hit.
That’s what’s happening, JUST TODAY.  The shorts Have GOT to be Hurting Here.
Look at the moves in gold prices today: In AUD, Up 8%.  In GBP Up 22%.  In CAD Up 7%.  In Peso Up 8%. In Krona 10%.

SprottFollowing Friday’s wild gyrations as gold and silver spiked, then were hit hard by the banksters, The Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott breaks it all down.
“We had our big break-through and then all of a sudden something happened.  We can’t underestimate that The Cabal has the power.  The only question is do they have the power to be successful?  
That was an orchestrated take-down.
We’re in a MASSIVE BULL MARKET.  The gains coming, especially in the stocks, people aren’t even able to imagine…

bankstersWhy is it that no one sees the big picture?  Have you failed to notice the Barrick/Goldman Sachs linkage?  You think this is an isolated incident?
These guys are clever. Morally bankrupt, yes, but very, very clever and very knowledgeable about all forms of money.
If you think they haven’t hedged their bets by protecting themselves through accumulation of real money already, you’re dreaming…

gold bullIn this Critical Market Update, the Silver Admiral Eric Sprott discusses the big recent decline in metals prices caused by recent concerns of an imminent Fed rate hike.
Can The Fed stop a “Totally Crazy” Bull Market? 

SprottEric Sprott breaks down this week’s huge gold and silver raid as the Fed threatens a rate hike in June, resulting in carnage in stocks and paper gold and silver
Is the smash just getting started, or is this the pullback opportunity for buying gold and silver that funds and institutional investors have been waiting for?

SprottIs Deutsche’s admission just the BEGINNING of the fireworks?
In the MUST LISTEN gold and silver Market Wrap below, The Admiral of the Silver Market himself Eric Sprott discusses the week in precious metals including the revelations yesterday that DeutscheBank has settled a lawsuit pertaining to the price manipulation of gold and silver:

david morganRob Kirby has been warning recently that a coming HUGE BOMBSHELL revelation will drive gold and silver dramatically higher.
With Deutsche Bank admitting to manipulation of the gold and silver market Thursday, and preparing to rat out its co-consirators, that revelation is here.  
Was Eric Sprott’s $75 million silver purchase PERFECTLY TIMED?
In this MUST LISTEN interview, David Morgan breaks down the story with potentially massive indications for the gold and silver markets: 

imagesGold’s 18% move in January had the masses calling for a correction.
Forecasters pulled out every tool, from technical support levels to Commitment of Traders data, to predict a considerable step back.
But that’s not what we’ve seen.
Instead of correcting, gold is consolidating.