SprottThe Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott Returns for a Critical Market Update on Gold and Silver. 
Has the 4 Month Sell-Off in Gold, Silver, and the Shares Finally Come to an END?

willieJohn Embry fills in for Eric Sprott on today’s Gold and Silver Market Update, and breaks down “the ridiculous market action” in gold and silver. 
Will the paper derivative market always determine the gold and silver price?  Embry explains why he believes gold and silver derivatives pricing may be nearing THE END…

SprottIs the Bottom In For Gold and Silver Prices After A HORRIFIC Week For the Metals?
Eric Sprott Explains Why We May Have Seen the Worst:

collapseShades of Lehman All Over Again…Except Deutsche Bank Is A MUCH Bigger Entity- Probably 50 TIMES Bigger Than Lehman!…
Keep Your Eyes On the Banking Sector Here, THIS Is When You Want to Own Gold and Silver!
The Rats Are Deserting the Ship, This Is EXACTLY HOW THINGS GO DOWN!”

SprottIs the next MAJOR BULL RALLY in gold and silver prices underway?
The Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott explains:
The Unintended Consequences have OVERWHELMED the Central Banks…

SprottEric Sprott discusses the latest Friday RAID on gold and silver prices ahead of next week’s crucial FOMC statement.  
How will gold and silver respond to the Fed next Wednesday?  
The Admiral of the Silver Market’s Thoughts on the Metals, Bonds, and the Markets Are Below:

SprottIn A Crucial Market Update, Eric Sprott Explains This Week’s STUNNING and DRAMATIC Global Sell-Off in Long Bonds, and what the implications are for gold and silver prices:

grossThe “flash boys” with the support of our own Eric Sprott are taking on the bad guys our HFT traders in the gold market.
They should neutralize the criminals stopping their spoofing…

explode-volcano-bankersThat big decline we just experienced is probably the intern bottom here for another rally which will extend for quite a long time.”
In this week’s critical Market Update, Eric Sprott assesses the recent pullback in the metals and miners, and discusses the context and reaction to Chair Yellen’s speech at Jackson Hole, and WHIPSAW in gold and silver prices…

SprottIn this Must Listen gold and silver update, Eric Sprott discusses the latest FOMC minutes, today’s gold and silver PRICE SMASH, the struggling global economy, and the continued interest in the mining shares. We’re in the 1st or 2nd inning. We Have a LONG Way to Go…

SprottAfter being slaughtered last Friday on the BLBS Goosing, gold, silver, and the HUI mining shares index are up 1%, 2%, and 4% on the week respectively.  “Not Too Shabby”  according to Billionaire PM Legend Eric Sprott
What’s next for the metals?  Are gold and silver prices now set for a run to New 2016 Highs targeting $1400 and $22? 
Eric Sprott looks ahead to what’s in store for gold and silver prices as we head into the fall…

SprottWith Precious Metals Hammered Friday, Eric Sprott discusses today’s jobs report and its impact on gold and silver prices.
I wouldn’t worry about the jobs numbers at all.  We’ll let the boyz knock it down a little for awhile.   We’ll see what happens when the people in China, India, and Turkey all figure out they should own gold to survive this thing…

Sprott“This logjam of paper supply WILL be broken some day, and there’s lots of signs it could be VERY Imminent!”
The Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott discusses today’s DISMAL GDP report, and assesses the market conditions for gold and silver headed into August –
At $1350 and $20.50 gold and silver prices are right at their breakout points! 

SprottIn the MUST LISTEN Market Update below, Eric Sprott discusses the recent price weakness in gold relative to the continued STRONG performance of silver and the mining shares.
“Silver Just Won’t Break….It Could Get VERY Explosive Here..”

SprottI think about the short position in gold and silver.  We have $87 BILLION dollars in shorts.  A 5% move is a $4 Billion hit.
That’s what’s happening, JUST TODAY.  The shorts Have GOT to be Hurting Here.
Look at the moves in gold prices today: In AUD, Up 8%.  In GBP Up 22%.  In CAD Up 7%.  In Peso Up 8%. In Krona 10%.