SprottEric Sprott breaks down this week’s huge gold and silver raid as the Fed threatens a rate hike in June, resulting in carnage in stocks and paper gold and silver
Is the smash just getting started, or is this the pullback opportunity for buying gold and silver that funds and institutional investors have been waiting for?

SprottIs Deutsche’s admission just the BEGINNING of the fireworks?
In the MUST LISTEN gold and silver Market Wrap below, The Admiral of the Silver Market himself Eric Sprott discusses the week in precious metals including the revelations yesterday that DeutscheBank has settled a lawsuit pertaining to the price manipulation of gold and silver:

david morganRob Kirby has been warning recently that a coming HUGE BOMBSHELL revelation will drive gold and silver dramatically higher.
With Deutsche Bank admitting to manipulation of the gold and silver market Thursday, and preparing to rat out its co-consirators, that revelation is here.  
Was Eric Sprott’s $75 million silver purchase PERFECTLY TIMED?
In this MUST LISTEN interview, David Morgan breaks down the story with potentially massive indications for the gold and silver markets: 

imagesGold’s 18% move in January had the masses calling for a correction.
Forecasters pulled out every tool, from technical support levels to Commitment of Traders data, to predict a considerable step back.
But that’s not what we’ve seen.
Instead of correcting, gold is consolidating.

silverWhen I look at the $8 billion that’s gone into gold funds THIS month, you couldn’t begin to get that into silver in a year!  There’s only 25 million ounces of silver on the COMEX and that’s worth only $400 million; you’d clean out the COMEX!
I think only 20% of silver is available for investment, so that’s only 160 million ounces!

Jamie DimonIf the government’s official statistics are to be believed the U.S. economy is moving full steam ahead. Consumer are spending, the job market is expanding, real estate has recovered, stocks are soaring and the U.S. dollar is stronger than it has been in a decade. But if you have yet to realize it, billionaire investor Eric Sprott says it’s all a lie. The manipulation of precious metals, coupled with the supply and demand fundamentals which Sprott says will lead to shortages over the next few years as mining companies reduce output or close up shop, will leave many investors who think their gold holdings are easily convertible to physical assets with nothing more than depreciating Yellen Bucks at exactly the moment they’ll need precious metals in their possession.

From Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog:

On his physical gold and silver investments, Sprott says, “I don’t lose any sleep over the price of gold going down in the sense that I believe what I believe. I believe it’s been manipulated. It’s very much about currency and economics of the Keynesian scheme that we’re going to spend money, print money and it’s all going to work. It’s not working. I don’t want to wait and find out the day it falls apart because when it falls apart someday, then it will be too late. I want to be positioned beforehand. I can remember shorting stocks before March of 2000. It was a bit of a rough ride for three months, but my gosh, when it rolled over . . . you have to be a little bit early on things.  I believe the last four years have been orderly and created to be difficult. I think gold would have gone up, but they could not stand for it to go up because they were printing money. If you are printing money and gold goes up, everybody figures it out. . . . I’ve been around for a while, and I have the patience to hang in there. I have been a buyer of gold stocks, and so I am hopeful this will end up being a very, very rewarding trade.”
Sprott predicts, “There has to be a collapse. It will be WAY bigger than 2008. We had a debt problem in ‘07 and ‘08 and the debt has exploded.

sprottIn this MUST LISTEN interview, The Admiral asks what evidence do we need to see before there’s proof of a physical silver shortage, and discusses how the recent collapse/bust in copper and base metals prices will affect silver supply problems. 

sprottIn this excellent video interview, “The Admiral” Eric Sprott breaks down why a reset is closer than ever, why gold price suppression is doomed to fail, how India could shock the silver market after recently reporting a STUNNING silver number, and discusses a junior gold miner he has recently taken a “Big Position” in:

sprottThe demand numbers I’ve seen are way beyond the supply.  I think that Western central banks surreptitiously make up the missing supply and that someday they’re going to look in the cupboard and realize that it’s bare.
So far, everyone in the press is downplaying gold but I haven’t lost any conviction whatsoever.

panicEric Sprott, Bill Holter, and Greg Hunter join TruNews’ Rick Wiles for a MEGA PM Round-table interview breaking down the Greek End Game, and how the collapse is likely to play out.
Sprott explains why the US and EU cannot afford the fallout of a Greek collapse and the nation turning to Russia, and why the banking cartel must avoid a Lehman style liquidation by any means possible...
Is the biggest financial debacle in human history ALREADY UNRAVELING?
Full MUST WATCH 60 Minute MEGA Financial Roundtable With Sprott, Holter, & Hunter is below:


Rick Rule joined Doc and Eric Dubin for SD’s Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap this week.
This excellent interview with CEO Eric Sprott makes an excellent two-fer. 

During this 25+ minute interview, Wall Street for Main Street’s Jason Burack asks Eric about his expert opinion on many important topics including interest rates and financial repression, what’s really going on in the US economy, Bitgold, production costs for gold and silver miners, and a review of the fundamentals of the gold and silver market.
Eric thinks anything can be manipulated now and no major liquidations are allowed anymore.
Jason also asks Eric if he thinks China wants the SDR or if China plans to destroy the SDR from the inside?
Eric thinks China is only temporarily joining the SDR, and eventually wants the world reserve currency itself.

Sprott’s full MUST LISTEN interview is below: