marketsWith the Metals Hit Yet Again, Eric Dubin Goes On An All-Out RANT in This Week’s Show, Discussing:  

  • Why June Was the Most Interesting Trading Month in the Entire 15 Year PM Bull Market
  • Silver Open Interest EXPLODES Over 200,000 Contracts For the First Time in History! 
  • S.C. Shooting Kabuki Theatre As Elite Work to Fasttrack TPP & Obliterate the Constitution!
    No COMEX Expiration Raid?
     Implications & Conclusions
  • Rebooting of the Bull Cycle in Gold & Silver is Underway- Just Can’t See it on Short Term Charts! 
  • Eric Dubin Explains Just Exactly Who is Taking the Other Side of JPM’s Massive Naked Shorting of Silver, and Why a Genuine Shortage of Silver is Coming Directly Down the Pipe!
  • Why Things Are Shaping Up For a HOT Summer!

    The SD Weekly Metals & Markets is Below:

dystopiaImagine if half of the typical jobs in industrial societies were destroyed with the rise of automation and artificial intelligence. 
Many academics are predicting we will see this unfold in the coming decades.
Eric Dubin and Jason Burack dive into this topic on the third edition of their new podcast, “Welcome To Dystopia”

Gold has no intrinsic value.  It’s only value is what people will pay for it, IF they buy it as Jewelry or are persuaded to invest Fiat Cash in it. It has some technological uses, but generally, it has no intrinsic value. Grocers don’t take Gold in return for food!
Here’s My Response:


stormWith gold and silver popping this week, The Doc & Eric Dubin Break Down All the Action Discussing: 

  • Gold and silver back above key support/resistance levels- Time For Another Managed Retreat by the Cartel?
  • Will Bo Polny’s Latest Call Be Correct and Gold and Silver Surprise to the Upside in June?
  • The Doc & Eric Dubin Discuss Tyler Durden’s Theory That the ECB is Intentionally Triggering Greek Bank Runs- Is a Greek Collapse Really in the ECB’s Interests, or is a Bail-in More Likely?
  • Eye of the Storm- Why Eric Believes Things Will Get Interesting Come July

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap With The Doc & Eric Dubin is Below:

chart of the dayThere’s no question that the metals are behaving differently right now.  It seems that, rather than having an unfettered ability to push the metals lower – as has been the case for the last four years – the manipulators are working feverishly to keep the metals from streaking higher.   One obvious indicator is the record level of open interest, most of which represents naked shorting, in Comex paper silver futures.


The following is the unofficial transcript of yesterday’s FOMC press conference with Fed Chairman Janet Yellen.
As with all transcripts, the quality is only as good as the transcriber, and yesterday’s Fed transcriber missed a lot.
We’ve cleaned things up as much as feasible to turn this around and publish it quickly so that our readers can get the gist of the press conference.
The full text of the transcript is below the jump.

return kingBottom-line:  we are witnessing a “managed retreat” this week and as I’ve been arguing since May 30th, June is going to surprise a lot of precious metals market observers.  The precious metals cyclical bear market ended in 4Q-2014 and the secular bull market has resumed.

dollarThe Doc from SD Bullion and Silver Doctors and our friend Eric Dubin from News Doctors join us at the SGTReport to discuss the very latest developments in the global precious metals markets where we see India on track to import 33% of ALL PHYSICAL silver on planet earth in the 2015.
We also discuss recent evidence of a gold bullion run on the Comex, the potential for hyperinflation of the Dollar, and much more.
So settle in, buckle up and thanks for tuning in!


Fed monkeyWith Gold and Silver Under Attack Yet Again, Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins the Show This Week Discussing:

  • Kranzler Explains Why Silver Manipulation Right Now is the MOST EXTREME IN HISTORY!
  • Silver Open Interest Soars Over 191,000, Highest OI EVER!- 1 B Oz of Paper vs 50 M oz of Physical! 
  • Cartel is losing control of the market- UTTERLY FAILING in This Week’s Attempts to Smash Silver Under 16!
  • Greek Crisis Nears End-Game- Greek Depositor Bail-in & Capital Controls This Weekend?
  • London Source- London Will Be Out of Silver to Send to Refiners By Sept/Oct!
  • Silver & the Shares Will Be the Best Performing Assets of 2015- Big Money Expecting MUCH HIGHER Prices!

The SD Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Fund Manager Dave Kranzler is Below:

gold bullWatching gold ignore the silver take-down this early a.m. and subsequent silver snap-back is amusing and very telling.  The sharp contrast is more profound than typical.  From the start of this secular bull, I can only recall a handful of early a.m. trading days like today’s pattern of divergence/snap-back.
This is VERY unusual trading action.
Later this month, and perhaps within a matter of days, silver will swing back and lead the rise within the precious metals complex as sentiment shifts again and the bull phase recovery off of May’s trashing becomes clear to paper western trading jockeys and JP Morgan and friends are forced to back off on silver naked shorting, “managed retreat” style.
We’re going to have an awesome summer for precious metals, much to the surprise of almost everyone.

cashless society - digital currencyThe first salvos in the war on cash have already fired:  e.g., bank account withdraw limits; rules put in place to block withdraws from money market accounts and other accounts during a financial crisis;  charging interest and/or monthly “service fees” on accounts;  capital controls and onerous reporting for international transactions; “bail-ins” where your currency on deposit is expropriated; etc.
It’s going to get worse…


With gold & silver hammered yet again on options expiration this week, The Doc & Eric Dubin break down all the trading action, discussing:

Metals recover- Last chance to EVER buy silver and gold with $16 + $1100 handles? 
Why Gold & silver are likely headed to a FANTASTIC JUNE!
US Mint Ends Silver Eagle rationing– Implications & Ramifications
Risk of Greek default on June 5th- Is a derivatives induced meltdown of the Western financial system only 7 days away?

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below:


GoldJames Turk joins us this week for a MUST LISTEN Memorial Day show discussing:

  • Silver Has Been in Backwardation Since JanuaryNo One Wants the Counter-Party Risk!
  • The writing is on the wall for Greece- Bail-in appears inevitable! 
  • When Greece is bailed-in, Will Contagion Rip Across the Banking Systems of France, Italy and Spain?
  • Turk Explains Why Fiat Currency is Coming to a Conclusion
  • Governments Will Come Back to Gold Either Willingly, or Kicking and Screaming!
  • When the Big Black Swan hits, Will Americans Finally Wake Up to the Encroachment of Fascism? 
  • Why it is Prudent to Protect Your Wealth With THINGS…Not Promises! 
  • Turk Explains Why Buying Gold Today at $1200 is Better Than Buying Gold at $35 in 1971!The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & James Turk is below:

silver smashToday is options expiration at the COMEX and too many longs could have cashed in if gold was left over $1,200 and silver over $17.
The ferocity of the early a.m. take-down before the London open is a classic cartel maneuver.

2012 Amercian Silver Eagle Jason Burack and Eric Dubin are launching a new podcast with Market commentary shows 1-2 times per week!
Help name the podcast and you could win 1 Silver Eagle for helping us out!

This podcast will cover interesting news and market topics that we view as important that the mainstream media is either not covering at all, not covering accurately, or is misleading the public about.
This week’s episode Jason and Eric discuss:

  1. Precious Metals Market Update
  2. China QE/ China’s RMB being added into the SDR/ China updating its official gold reserves
  3. Greece Leaving the Euro
  4. Analysis of the Oil Market
  5. All the news items involving hacking and cyber security

smashOn last Friday’s Silver Doctors Weekly Metals & Markets I warned that the momentum in gold and silver had started to fade, with paper bullion beginning a horizontal trading pattern, and the mining shares ever so slightly rolling over.
Countless times over the last 15 year bull market I’ve watched the cartel follow this pattern when metals intiation a big move.  The cartel waits for momentum to fade before attemptint to take prices down a notch.
We managed to see higher prices on Monday.  But again, once reaching a higher plateau, trading was flat for most of Monday.  
Starting with the Tuesday early morning session, the monkeys appeared and the smash turned aggressive later in the day: