rocketDonald “The Golden Trumpster” Trump may or may not make debt-soaked America great (he likely won’t), but he’s almost certainly going to make gold ownership a great investment during his presidency.
I will dare to suggest it’s time for the Western gold community to throw a bit of caution to the wind, and sit back and enjoy this gold price rally.  This is a rally that seems poised to accelerate in quite a shocking way…

trump-goldWe should ignore the short term noise of the Trump inauguration next week – although it is set to be compelling box office viewing!
However, it would be imprudent to ignore the likely impact of four years of the Trump Presidency on markets and particularly the gold market.
On Wednesday, we had just a little taste of this when his press conference led to turmoil and massive volatility in markets and gold rising on safe haven demand to over $1,200 per ounce:

goldWhen vote counts began to show that Donald “The Golden Trumpster” Trump would win the US election, gold surged well into my key sell zone at $1320, reaching about $1337.
The gold price was flirting with an upside breakout from a key monthly chart downtrend line.
In my professional opinion, gold would have achieved the trend line breakout, but only if the Indian government had not suddenly showed up on the scene that same night… with a horrific announcement that overwhelmed the US election news.

elijahMurray Nye, CEO of Winston Gold joins Elijah to discuss gold’s trading action in the wake of the US Presidential Election.  Were gold prices RIGGED to stop a Post-Trump Election PANIC?

down-fall-smashFund Manager Dave Kranzler explains why the current take-down in the price of gold and silver is setting the market up for a much bigger move higher:

hyperinflationThe big news this past week is that Donald Trump was elected to be the next president of the United States. Whether due to his comments about restructuring the government debt, tariffs on imported goods, or other economic concerns, many expected news of his election to push up the price of gold.
They were wrong…

trumpHistory tells us that in the gold market it is quite common to experience sizable corrections (often 50%) following first leg of a new bull market:

James Rickards informs Bloomberg that Donald Trump’s Presidency (which he predicted) will be good for gold as he will be the ‘Helicopter Money President’, spending Trillions of dollars on U.S. infrastructure and the US military.
This will cause massive inflation which will benefit gold:

crashDavid Morgan joins us to break down the financial impact of Trump’s historic victory.
Trump’s victory over the Elite has HUGE Implications for Gold and Silver…