gold-eagle-marketsGold and Silver Prices Are Powering Higher.  If Gold Breaks Through $1200 to the Upside, the Spec Shorts Are Likely to Begin Receiving Margin Calls. 
Translation: We Have the Set-Up For A Potential Short Squeeze. 
The SD Midweek Metals Report Is Below:

trump-wallWhen Barack Obama betrayed Israel at the United Nations, that put a curse on our nation.  But that doesn’t mean that we have to stay cursed.  In the coming days, the new Trump administration should immediately start taking steps to reverse the curse that we are under as a result of what Obama has done.


trainExpert Analyst David Morgan Joins Us To Break Down the 2017 Economic Outlook.
Trump May Have a Real Intention to Help the Economy, But in the End, It Doesn’t Matter:

banksterThe Wall Street problem for this country is going to get worse under Trump.
Most of us assumed ‘Drain the Swamp’ not only meant getting rid of the career politicians like Hillary Clinton who had become completely controlled by corporate/Wall Street interests, but also getting rid of the elements that controlled them.  Most notably the Wall Street bankers ensconced throughout all levels of the Obama Government.
But Trump’s appointments, for the most part, suggest that Trump is merely “draining” the swamp of the Blue swamp monsters and is replacing them with Red swamp monsters.  And in reality, Wall Street monsters do not distinguish between Red and Blue. That’s because the god they worship is GREEN.  

The biggest disappointment regarding Donald Trump since being elected President has been his total embrace of dangerous Wall Street thieves.

endBoth the controlling elite and the people are putting the puzzle pieces in place as fast as they can, because they know their futures depend on it. The side that first completes and comprehends the puzzle will win; the other side will lose.
Two of the most important puzzle pieces are currency and precious metals, both swaddled in time. Which is running out for one side or the other

down-fall-smashAGXIIK is back with a Warning:
If you don’t like the smell in the debt elevator you’d best exit quickly before it begins its race downward to Hell…

cliff-edge-fallInvestors have forsaken all reason, logic and wisdom by rushing into the biggest stock and financial bubble in history.  Even some precious metals investors are selling gold and jumping into the markets hoping to make big profits as President Trump takes over the White house in six weeks.


collapseDavid Morgan joins Silver Doctors with a word of warning.
Morgan says
changing the president is like changing the captain on the Titanic. The ship is sinking.
Can Trump Stop A Full Economic Collapse?

gun forcedWith president-elect Trump walking into a house of cards teetering on the verge of collapse, what are the trade-offs he faces if he triggers a reset of the US Dollar?
Bix Weir returns to spell out why a Dollar hard reset may very well play into Trump’s plans for a new start for America…

dollarHat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie joins JB Wells and is uncharistically enthusiastic about America’s future after Donald Trump swept the fascists out of power, but warns the birth-pains of the new administration will be strong – as it comes with the Collapse of the Dollar:

collapseUneasy Gold & Silver Prices Have Been Mauled Since Donald Trump’s Election?
Jim Willie Has Been Warning The Dollar Would SOAR Just Prior to Its COLLAPSE.
Are We Witnessing the Beginning of The End?

silver smashThe Gold market’s immediate natural response during Trump’s election night was a vigorous spike, which was massively smacked down by dumping the paper equivalent of three years global gold production in only three days…