“I think the tapering talk will continue, but I’m skeptical that we’re going to see any tapering other than perhaps one token attempt to still their critics by making some small cutback…
The money printing that’s been done, and the levels of irregulation that’s being 
imposed on the economy, on businesses and entrepreneurs is such that the inflationary potential is there and it will assert itself.  -Don Coxe

The standard wisdom on gold is that it does well in times of economic bad news such as in the 1970s, a period of stagflation and recessions, when the yellow metal rose from $35/oz to peak at $850/oz in 1980. But this time, Don Coxe, a portfolio adviser to the BMO Asset Management, believes things are different. In this interview with The Gold Report, Coxe explains why gold will rise when the economy improves.

Don Coxe, Chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP, has issued a powerful new weekly review of the global capital markets, entitled, This Time
When the BRICs Tumble The Euro is the Haven.”

In this updated conference call, Don spoke to the returning strength of commodities, the true impetus behind J.P. Morgan exiting the metals warehousing business, and what investors should be doing right now in considering commodities.

Legendary investor Don Coxe, Chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP, and former advisor to the $540 billion BMO Financial Group, has issued a powerful new commentary entitled, What Is China Up Too?
In this dispatch, Don spoke to the recent Chinese acquisition of a centerpiece of the U.S. meat production industry, the terrible Fed governor nomination choice now on the horizon, and of particular interest to our readers—an updated commentary on gold.

In the 70′s…the huge breakout in gold did not occur at a time of the worst inflation…it’s once the people lose faith in the paper money and the policies that are being pursued, that you get the rush into gold.
So the great game is going on at levels where there are big expiring contracts in gold…our work has been trading in the commodity, & I can simply tell you that the drama is unfolding where you’ve got this gigantic short position, and eventually the shorts are going to get scared.
So it looks like from my 
perspective, that we’ve seen the low in gold, and now we’re going to watch who loses the most when gold moves to the upside, which…is virtually inevitable.”

gold repatriationTaking inspiration from George Orwell’s “1984,” renowned BMO advisor Don Coxe has coined the expression “Weakness is Strength” to describe the current economic situation. In a far-ranging interview with The Gold Report, Coxe explains how an international regime of weak currencies has set the scene for a upsurge in the price of gold shares and believes that gold will return as a preferred hedge against loss of value because inflation is inevitable.