collapse bail inWith Deutsche Bank forced to issue a statement defending its liquidity today after its stock crashed 10% to financial crisis lows, implying that a $70 Trillion derivatives book may be on the verge of collapse, we thought it apropos to revisit Jim Willie’s dire warning that if Deutsche Bank goes down, it will be Lehman TIMES FIVE:

A bank failure contagion, that’s whats going to push the price of gold WAY over $2,000/oz again.
The Price of Silver is going to be moving over $100 and the price of gold is going over $5,000…
A failure of Deutsche Bank would trigger a systemic banking contagion the likes of which the Western world has never seen…

  • dollar collapse panicBank Stocks Look to Be Collapsing and predicting an imminent stock market crash and large global financial crisis
  • Many sovereign wealth funds are selling their stock positions to go to cash to pay off debt in their home countries
  • Russia now takes RMB for its oil. What does this mean for the petrodollar?
  • Gold and Silver markets appear to have finally bottomed and a strong rally looks to be underway
  • What problems does a strong US Dollar cause for the global economy?
    All this and more in the latest Welcome to Dystopia: 

If ATMs, banks and markets close, or if hyperinflation makes the fiat, Federal Reserve note completely worthless overnight, none of these goods will be exchangeable for the money you have sitting in the bank, or on a credit card.

beach ballIn this presentation made at Cambridge House International, Bo Polny warns that The YEAR OF JUBILEE 2016 will be a JUBILEE for those who HOLD an INSURANCE POLICY called Gold and Silver, as new ALL-TIME HIGHS are to be made and the 252-Year Financial CREDIT Cycle completes!

collapse margin callEric Dubin joins the SGTReport to discuss gold silver and dissect the latest views of the global economic collapse.
As we stand on the precipice of the death of the Petrodollar we examine two alternative views: Is the collapse being implemented by design, or have the masters of the universe simply lost control?

nuclearThose who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat history.   World wars, or their historical equivalent, occur when a previously omnipotent Empire becomes impotent.  The only threat to the well-being of the west, specifically the United States, is the unavoidable financial and economic collapse that looms. 
History tells us that, unless something statistically improbable occurs, a world war is also right around the corner.

fire“HUGE problems on the currency front”
In the 2nd part on this interview with Finance and Liberty, Jim Willie breaks down the global financial crisis… that looks to be just getting warmed up. 

When the debt bubble collapses there is a real possibility that millions of people will die because those goods essential to survival will simply be unattainable for the masses.

gunThree trigger events are likely to occur in the next few months. All three are extensions of the death of the USDollar, which is manifested in its rise. Like a balloon it will pop. The system will not be able to withstand the shock. Systemic breakdown will give way to failure of the entire monetary system upon which the USDollar rests. The Gold Standard will be urged on, first in trade, then in banking, finally in currency. The USDollar will be swept aside, its rubble put in the dustbin of history, the memories likened to Rome during the Nero period.
When the next crisis hits, it will be five times worse than the Lehman event within the United States in 2008.

bank collapseIn this MUST LISTEN extended interview, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie warns “the plug has been pulled”, the long anticipated Great Reset Has Now Begun…

end2015 saw The Shemitah come and go, gold and silver smashed to 5-year lows, and the west appearing to be dead set on drawing Russia into WW 3. 
It was truly an Epic Year, and as tradition on SD, we present the Top 10 SD Stories of 2015:

FedThe next financial crisis could manifest itself in the coming months.
When something as epochal as this happens, we can expect the macroeconomic establishment to be clueless with respect to the problem itself and its scale.
Central banks will naturally revert to the Lehman remedy of further monetary expansion to cover the losses, whose enormous scale will not be apparent at the outset. This time, not only will the fiat money quantity accelerate into hyper-drive, it will be impossible to maintain the purchasing-power of the world’s reserve currency, therefore threatening that of all the others.

stormNever before in history have all the governments of the world laid down the foundation for the perfect economic storm.
And in this just-released presentation from Mike Maloney, you’ll discover why we can not avoid it.
It was recorded LIVE at the 2015 Silver Summit.
And it’s loaded with new research that proves a financial crisis of epic proportions is headed straight toward us: