collapse-end-fireThe FIRST DOMINO: 
Will Deutsche bank be the catalyst for the collapse of the European banking system?

collapseThe largest and most important bank in the largest and most important economy in Europe is imploding right in front of our eyes…

hyperinflationWe saw this same trading with Enron, Bear Stearns and Lehman when those stocks approached $10. I was short and made a lot of money on Enron and Bear – and I held my shorts through rumor-driven bounces in the stock like the one propelling DB’s stock today.

collapseThis is starting to smell a lot like 2008.
Gold is being taken down just like it was in 2008 ahead of some type of systemic disaster coming at us…

silver rocket downKeith Weiner says buying silver at today’s prices is the “textbook definition of a Ponzi scheme”:


Deutsche Bank On the Brink: Could We See A Systemic Financial Collapse Sunday Night?cliff-edge-fall As Much As Part Of Us Would Love To See Deutsche Bank to Blow A $100 Trillion Hole In the Global Financial System This Weekend, We Suspect It Won’t Happen
Here’s Why:

economic dollar collapseWhat happens to Deutsche Bank and the global financial system when the market opens in several hours?
The Legendary gold and derivatives expert Jim Sinclair came out of retirement today to issue an URGENT WARNING:

collapseShades of Lehman All Over Again…Except Deutsche Bank Is A MUCH Bigger Entity- Probably 50 TIMES Bigger Than Lehman!…
Keep Your Eyes On the Banking Sector Here, THIS Is When You Want to Own Gold and Silver!
The Rats Are Deserting the Ship, This Is EXACTLY HOW THINGS GO DOWN!”

Will Deutsche Bank implode today, two days before the end of the Jubilee Year?

nuclear-collapse-endWith Deutsche Bank placing new ALL-TIME LOWS again this afternoon, reports indicate the derivatives counter-party bank run is ON at Deutsche Bank…

gold-silver-investmentsSo who blinks first?
The ECB – knowing the collateral chains that will snap. The Bundesbank – knowing their entire banking system is at risk.  The German government – knowing it’s over for them if DB depositors have to take a haircut… Or Brussels (EU)…