Mega-Risks Loom in the Next very few months and most will be realized. But for Investors properly positioned, they Provide Very Substantial Profit and Wealth Protection Opportunities.
First let’s examine the Risks, then the Profit Opportunities:

Fibonacci and other Technicals tells us it is likely a Major move down will begin by September/October.
Indeed, The Fed will have to print “Money from Helicopters” and that will be very inflationary, leading to HyperStagflation.
Great Volatility is coming!

The Great Key Sectors Crash of 2017 is coming closer.
Thus Deepcaster continues to narrow the forecast time Window.
When it arrives, it will be manifest in Swift and Dramatic Moves Down in several Key Sectors and Up in others:

tightrope-badlyConsider that 97% of the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar has been inflated away since the 1913 founding of the private for-profit Fed, with the wealth having thus been transferred to the Mega-Bankers, thus further injuring Savers and Retirees and Investors and Citizens in general.
But the Negative Effects of Globalists’ Wealth Acquisition Racket extend far beyond suppressing the Prices of the Precious Metals Market and profiting from the Fiat Currency Manufacturing Game:

collapse-panic-crashEquities and other Markets have Rallied Lately on the Prospect (Hope) that a Trump Administration will renew economic growth.
But there are Several Major Events and Developments coming in the next few weeks which will drive some Sectors Much Higher and Crash others.

moonRegardless of who wins the U.S. Presidency, there are Key Post-Election Economic and Market Events which are highly probable.
And the advance knowledge of these events will give well-informed Investors an Opportunity for Great Profit and to protect Wealth against Great Impending Threats. To understand these, consider the following overview:

Courtesy AGAUNews

Courtesy AGAUNews

A New Wrinkle In The Paper Gold Con Game
As The Central Bankers come closer and closer to the point of No Return (and Helicopter Money), the Equities, Inflation, Credit, Housing, Auto and Energy Markets Sectors and Interest Rate and Economic Scene will change DRAMATICALLY…

Jamie DimonThe Central Banks are getting Desperate.  The interventions are so obvious now you’d have to be on drugs not to notice them.
“On Monday afternoon, at 3PM ‘someone’ stepped in to prop up stocks. They did it again yesterday at 10AM.  There were obvious interventions…

collapseThe Equities Market Sell-Off and Economic Data continue to support Deepcaster’s often-expressed View that the International and the USA’s Economy is slowing with Key downstream consequences being that there will be many more Debt Defaults and Earnings Misses, with predictable Negative Consequences for Equities and other Markets and Economies.
Key Profit Opportunities and Risks will thus be magnified going forward into 2016.

storm“…Wall Street Shills will be in the news explaining how markets become unreasonably fearful from time to time. They will tell investors that it is time to hunt for bargains.
In the meantime, watch your rear: There’s a serious counterattack coming.
It will be an attack on our supply lines.  The cronies and the feds will attempt to cut off our finances and our line of retreat, trapping us between the anvil of the market’s deflation and the hammer of the Fed’s inflation.
There will be no escape, no way out.
-Bill Bonner, Bill Bonner’s Diary, 09/02/2015

gold stormThe “Thin” Liquidity in the Sovereign Bond Market in recent weeks and the ensuing Panic, are only two of Several Harbingers of The Coming Crisis. 
Below we summarize here Key Crisis Signals, Triggers and consequent Opportunities.

bubbles(This situation is) “a Ticking Time Bomb”
Richard Fisher, (Former Fed Governor) (05/21/15) 

“By suppressing Rates, The Fed has borrowed Growth and Returns from the Future.”
Mohammed el Erian, 5/21/15 (Former PIMCO CEO) 

“‘Now we’ve had the weakest recovery in post-war history and what has happened?
The Fed has simply reflated the bubble to an even more gigantic proportion.’

Unpayable Debts in the U.S.A., Eurozone, China & Japan virtually guarantee Mega-Moves in Key Sectors are coming. 

 “Financial assets now represent over 82% of the net worth of both households and US non-financial corporations (data: Federal Reserve Z.1 Flow of Funds). Except for periods where total net worth had itself retreated (for example, 2008-2010), the concentration of private net worth on financial assets, rather than real assets or productive capital, has reached the highest extreme in history in recent years.   In our view, this is just temporarily overvalued paper masquerading as something durable.
The previous extreme (again, outside of periods where net worth itself had retreated) was, not surprisingly immediately prior to The Tech Wreck.

Yes, indeed “Temporarily Overvalued Paper” accurately describes many “Markets.” And that which is Overvalued does not stay overvalued! Thus Mega-Moves are Impending and those who are prepared will Profit, and those unprepared will Suffer.

The “Devaluation Currency Wars” are in High Gear.
Well, this Currency War has Many Consequences, many as yet unseen, some unintended. And they spell Profit for the Prepared and Disaster for the Unprepared, which is why Deepcaster has already begun recommending positioning to prepare.
But this War is a Zero Sum Game. So how does it end?