matrix red blueGold and silver bullion is the “Only money outside of the matrix, only money outside of the system and only money throughout 5,000 years of history that people trust … ”

Silver-chaosAs the once formidable Dollar ultimately begins to hyperinflate as nations lose all confidence in the Federal Reserve Note, forecasters predict triple digit silver prices and eventually even a 1 to 1 silver to gold ratio in coming years.
The cracks in the western banking system and fiat Dollar are about to turn into gaping fissures.
Meanwhile, China is hoarding PHYSICAL silver and openly encouraging Chinese citizens to buy silver and gold as a way to protect their wealth.
It’s a paradigm shift of epic proportion, away from paper Dollars and into PHYSICAL metal.
David Morgan breaks it all down:


silver shortageThroughout 2015’s Severe Retail Investment Silver Shortage, Skeptics Claimed That Silver Itself Was In Abundant Supply & the Shortage Was Merely a Production Issue. 
Is There In Fact A Massive Shortage of Physical Silver Metal Developing in the Market? 
Renowned Silver Expert David Morgan Joined the Show to Present the Cold Hard Data:

gold bull“We are finally in the very beginning of the new bull market which will be the most exciting as the third leg up is the one that is the most rewarding. In fact few will believe just how high the precious metals will go. The end date is most likely 2018/2019 at this point.”

david morganRob Kirby has been warning recently that a coming HUGE BOMBSHELL revelation will drive gold and silver dramatically higher.
With Deutsche Bank admitting to manipulation of the gold and silver market Thursday, and preparing to rat out its co-consirators, that revelation is here.  
Was Eric Sprott’s $75 million silver purchase PERFECTLY TIMED?
In this MUST LISTEN interview, David Morgan breaks down the story with potentially massive indications for the gold and silver markets: 

David MorganIt all started for David Morgan as an 11-year-old in 1965 when he received his weekly allowance of a quarter. He looked at it curiously and was startled. There was something different about this quarter from any other he had seen before. The quarter was NOT silver…

trainRenowned silver guru David Morgan returns to give us a reality check on the divergence of paper vs. physical precious metals, and also weighs in on how the kind of steady mindset which is consistent with precious metals/real money understanding is also the mindset suited for the current “long game” or slow-motion train wreck we are enduring, with its many clear and progressing dangers.
Are You Preparing for the Long Game?

beach ballEven in a frozen metals price market, it only takes one event to shake off the paper manipulation keeping prices below what supply and demand fundamentals of a free market would dictate.
And when that correction comes, it could happen quickly. In this interview with The Gold Report, The Morgan Report Publisher David Morgan shares his favorite ways to own leverage to metals prices upside while protecting against junior mining risk.


economic dollar collapseWith gold and silver hammered again Friday and gold briefly breaking below $1100, Silver Expert David Morgan joined the show, discussing: 

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