david morganRob Kirby has been warning recently that a coming HUGE BOMBSHELL revelation will drive gold and silver dramatically higher.
With Deutsche Bank admitting to manipulation of the gold and silver market Thursday, and preparing to rat out its co-consirators, that revelation is here.  
Was Eric Sprott’s $75 million silver purchase PERFECTLY TIMED?
In this MUST LISTEN interview, David Morgan breaks down the story with potentially massive indications for the gold and silver markets: 

David MorganIt all started for David Morgan as an 11-year-old in 1965 when he received his weekly allowance of a quarter. He looked at it curiously and was startled. There was something different about this quarter from any other he had seen before. The quarter was NOT silver…

trainRenowned silver guru David Morgan returns to give us a reality check on the divergence of paper vs. physical precious metals, and also weighs in on how the kind of steady mindset which is consistent with precious metals/real money understanding is also the mindset suited for the current “long game” or slow-motion train wreck we are enduring, with its many clear and progressing dangers.
Are You Preparing for the Long Game?

beach ballEven in a frozen metals price market, it only takes one event to shake off the paper manipulation keeping prices below what supply and demand fundamentals of a free market would dictate.
And when that correction comes, it could happen quickly. In this interview with The Gold Report, The Morgan Report Publisher David Morgan shares his favorite ways to own leverage to metals prices upside while protecting against junior mining risk.


economic dollar collapseWith gold and silver hammered again Friday and gold briefly breaking below $1100, Silver Expert David Morgan joined the show, discussing: 

  • 5 MILLION oz Retail Silver BACKLOG
  • Morgan Breaks Down Physical Market: Shortage in the Wholesale Market, or Just in Retail? 
  • At What Point Does the Retail Market Put Stress on the 1000 oz Bar Market?
  • Funds Attempting to Trigger $1070 Stops, Send Gold Towards 3 Figures
  • Closer to the Edge of the Cliff- “At Some Point, Something’s Going to Give!”
  • Shemitah Week is HERE: Is the BIG ONE on the doorstep? Eric and David weigh inThe SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and David Morgan is below:

dollar collapse panicFrom Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Finance and economic writer David Morgan thinks the global economy very likely could take a sudden turn for the worst.
Morgan says, “There is going to be a panic buy into the metals, and there is only so much to go around. . . . The way things have gone from the 2008 financial crisis until now have only gotten worse. . . . I don’t think we are going to have a hyperinflation, but what I do believe is there will be a panic exit out of currencies.

silver coin
Silver is the monetary metal of history, having been used as a medium of exchange and final payment for longer than gold, more often than gold, and in far more transactions.
The gold/silver ratio in the ground is roughly one to ten.  And the current gold/silver ratio is above 70, which suggests silver is undervalued.  The ratio is a method to determine which metal is performing better.  The gold/silver ratio was below sixteen for 3000 years; it is only in the last one hundred years that this ratio has been as high as one hundred to one.
Some state this has no meaning, and perhaps that is true, but if markets revert to the “mean” it would not be the way to bet.

launch rocketDavid Morgan and Chris Marchese join Finance & Liberty for an in depth interview discussing:

  • Supply dynamics in the silver bull market
  • Demand dynamics in the silver bull market
  • Big moves in silver coming soon
  • How to build a precious metal portfolio
  • What is ahead for the silver mining stocks?
    Full interview is below:
silver bars

Everyone with one brain cell knows that the silver market is the most manipulated in history.  But  Mr. Morgan makes a very interesting and valid  argument with regard to reasons for not focusing on the the degree to which the market is manipulated.

All of the billionaires I know were buying silver aggressively at $4 when the precious metals bull began. Currently silver, on an inflation-adjusted basis, is back to the $4 – 5 dollar level of 2000/2001. Don’t be afraid. Buy when no one else wants to buy – think like a billionaire.  The silver market is a gift right now:

David Morgan

Why are governments pushing the value of this precious metals down?
Why is an unconstitutional currency allowed to rule the world?
What can you and I do to hedge what will soon be a rise in this very precious commodity?

David Morgan joins us for an exclusive interview to explain why Western governments are devaluing silver: