panicIn an interview with CNBC, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein advises the CNBC host that at some point, some event will happen that will reset portfolios.
Blankfein states that interest rates will rise, which will be a shock to the market, and states that  I have a lot of bad dreams at night, liquidity is one of them.
Lloyd Blankfein’s full interview with CNBC is below: 

launch rocket verticalPeter Schiff gives CNBC a bit more than they bargained for in this interview in which CNBCS leads off with What is Wrong With Gold?
Schiff tells CNBC viewers:
As soon as most Wall St traders come to terms with how wrong they are about the true state of the US economy and what the Fed is going to do, they will be rushing back to gold…Imagine what would happen if the Fed tried to sell the $4 trillion in mortgage bonds it holds? We are headed right back into recession!…The Fed is going to come back with an EVEN BIGGER QE!
At some point, gold is going to go straight up, it will make a moonshot.  By the time the crowd figures it out, its going to be very expensive to buy gold!
Peter Schiff’s full MUST WATCH interview on QE, taper, bank collapse, and gold is below:

large ringWhile Eric Sprott was speaking with The Doc this morning, Sprott’s Rick Rule was on CNBC discussing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the midst of the latest cartel raid on the metals.

While Rule’s entire interview is a MUST WATCH, the below clip was an absolutely classic response to CNBC’s claims that jewelry recycling will prove to bring massive supplies to the market:

In terms of gold and silver with supply, you have to think about historically mine supplies, but there are no substantial inventories of platinum and palladium. It has gone up a smokestack, it has gone out a tailpipe or been turned into jewelry. If you think your wife’s ring is supply, ask her. You’ll find out it isn’t

When asked which precious metal Rule would recommend owning he responded:  I would own the whole bullion suite.

Rule’s full interview is below:

gold bear market cnbcGuest Post By Bill H.

According to the MSM, the current correction in the metals must be the 20th “Bear market” for Gold and Silver in the last 10 years.  Do you remember the last campaign?  I think they called it “the death of Gold”

In the midst of Friday’s raid’s sending gold under $1600 and silver under $30, CNBC was back with the bear market calls:  “has Gold lost its luster?” and “usually when Gold changes direction it stays that way for 20 years or more so it might be 2030 before we see $1,900 again“.  Really?  Are you people complete idiots?  20 years?  What, 20 years to the downside but this bull market is a 13 year abortion?  Forget about “time”, why has Gold rallied to the current levels in the first place over the last 13 years? 

CNBC financial journalist Maria Baritromo interviewed Marc Faber, a contrarian Swiss investor and publisher of the Gloom Boom and Doom Report.

“You said a minute ago that markets go up and down, doesn’t gold go up and down too?” said Baritromo.  “Yes it does go up and down but I am fearful of a systemic crisis, wars and so on and it is because I am fearful that I own gold,” said Faber.

Faber then asked Baritromo if she owned any gold.  Her response was that I own earrings and jewellery. Faber relied, “Sorry to say you are in great danger because you don’t own any gold…but you have a golden personality!”

With this week’s reports that Germany repatriated 1,000 tons of its gold reserves from the Bank of England between 2000-01, and is repatriating 150 tons of its gold reserves from the NY Fed over the next 3 years, clearly the awake participants have realized the music stopped long ago, and are grabbing their physical gold chairs. 

It is now inevitable that an avalanche of central banks, hedge funds, and wealthy investors worldwide will begin to emulate Venezuela and Germany and request physical delivery of their unallocated (rehypothecated) ‘gold’.  

In an amazingly weak and futile attempt to stem the inevitable onslaught of delivery and repatriation requests, CNBC’s senior editor John Carney has released an editorial claiming that it matters not whether the gold held at the NY Fed and the BOE is filled with tungsten, has been leased or swapped, or that it even exists- all that matters is the Fed’s bookkeeping ledger that states the gold is there

With a bullion bankster from RBS as the ‘guest host’,  the latest CNBC Commodities Corner attempted to claim gold is ‘in a bubble’ with the metal nearing $1800 again, claiming ‘nobody actually needs gold‘ and that those wishing to allocate a portion of their funds to gold should utilize an ETF.

Unfortunately for CNBC, the producers didn’t do their homework on their guest, Managing Director & CIO at Swiss Asia Capital, Juerg Kiener.
Kiener calmly shot down all of CNBC’s propaganda stating, ‘Gold is actually money.  When you believe that gold is actually money, would you rather have your money in your pocket, or give it to a loan shark? Physical ownership in your own hands is key!
Regarding CNBC’s claims gold is in a bubble Kiener replied:  I’ve never seen a bubble in which investors’ allocation is under 1%‘.

Sprott Asset Management’s Eric Sprott was back on CNBC this morning discussing the search for returns in a ZIRP environment.

When asked by CNBC why Sprott wasn’t lightening his gold and silver positions after the big gains his fund has realized over the past decade, Sprott replied:

Gold is up 600% since I got in around 2000, and in a way, I call it the great wealth redistribution because those who have invested in gold and silver have prospered quite nicely. To your question whether or not i want to stay with the trade. the reason I would stay with the trade and you mentioned qe-3. I never would’ve imagined when I got involved in gold I would have the benefit of kind of irresponsible money printing, bank runs that are ongoing as we witnessed in the various countries in europe, and those two ingredients along with the QE3 which has been announced I think will be a huge tail wind for gold and other precious metals to go higher.

As always, Sprott is a MUST WATCH!!!