down-fall-collapseResource depletion, pollution, and debt expansion are choking the economy.  Singapore-based financial analyst Morten Strange joins Silver Doctors to discuss why the economy cannot grow forever, and how to prepare for what’s coming:

Last decade, the term Peak Oil entered the mainstream.  To be expected, the media stymied a calm and reasoned public discussion, informed by science.  We were treated to distracting interpretations of what Peak Oil means, such as the silly notion that we are going to run out of oil.  We will never run out of oil.  We will, however, face ever rising cost of production and eventually, negative return on energy invested to produce oil.  If it takes more energy than the equivalent contained within a barrel of oil to produce a single barrel of oil, that’s not a sustainable operation by definition.
Controlling Carbon Has More To Do With Controlling Resources And YOU, Not Climate Change.
The powers that be have a major problem.  Peak oil is real.  But they incorrectly assume we, the masses, are not capable of dealing with the ramifications of Peak Oil.  Indeed, nasty challenges are on the horizon.  Fearing mass panic, a decision has been made to advance the control over the next best thing:  carbon dioxide output created by the burning of fossil fuel. Read More