mediayourefiredMike Rivero from What Really Happened joins Silver Doctors to discuss what a Trump presidency will bring. Rivero says Trump by himself will not be able to bring change without the help of the American people. With Trump at the helm, the rigged election system can finally be fixed. With Trump at the helm, the alternative media can replace the mainstream propaganda.

opium-fields-13My brother died at the age of 45 from, what was ruled, an accidental overdose.
He had been a heroin addict most of his life.   The usual story, in and out of rehab and jail, government sponsored methadone programs, lying, stealing, etc, etc. etc.
The reason that I am sharing this is because of a story that has been developing for well over a year and is back in the news again.
Land used for opium cultivation at historic high – UN”.
This story from RT describes how the Afghans are now using a larger percentage of their precious farm land to produce opium.
Why would they do this? Well, the answer is quiet simple.  
The banking cartel funds the operations in order to produce heroin for the global drug trade.

gun forcedOpen Source Everything makes truth rather than violence the currency of power.  Open Source Everything demands that true cost economics and the indigenous concept of ‘seventh generation thinking’ – how will this affect society 200 years ahead – become central. Most of our problems today can be traced to the ascendance of unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism, and predatory capitalism, all based on force and lies and encroachment on the commons. 

The national security state works for the City of London and Wall Streetboth are about to be toppled by a combination of Eastern alternative banking and alternative international development capabilities, and individuals who recognize that they have the power to pull their money out of the banks and not buy the consumer goods that subsidize corruption and the concentration of wealth. 

The opportunity to take back the commons for the benefit of humanity as a whole is open – here and now.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.29.09 AMAs someone who spends the vast majority of his time trying to keep up with what is happening in the world, I am always embarrassed when confronted by an extraordinarily important story that I somehow completely missed.
The story I am referring to in this case is the fact that the CIA organized a fake vaccination program in Pakistan several years ago in order to get Osama bin Laden’s family DNA. 

Jim Willie goldOur analysis is that the Ukrainian crisis was triggered by the U.S. deep state in preparation for the introduction of the next reorganization of the international monetary and financial system.  This is to retain the EU in the area of U.S. domination.  
The only remaining choice for American decision-makers are the following, as they are standing with their back to the wall:

vault safety deposit boxA Steve Quayle reader has reported that the 2 dozen gold Krugerrands he kept stored in his safety deposit box in a Cincinnati 5/3rd Bank have been confiscated, and that the 5/3 Bank Manager informed him that a CIA agent was the culprit who cleaned out his stash of phyzz– but that all fiat dollars were left untouched in the box.

While this in an anecdotal account, this emphasizes a point we have long made here at SD: if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!

Full account of Fed gold confiscation is below: