Chris Duane: Silver Poised to Place Legendary Gains!

LegendaryIn his latest video update, Chris Duane explains why the most oversold markets make for the largest returns.
Duane makes the case for the fact that silver is poised to place LEGENDARY GAINS once the current correction is completed, and that now is the time to accumulate physical silver while the metal is out of favor by nearly everyone. 
People marvel at the returns silver made from 2008-2010, but it is obvious that the next rally will blow that silver move away. 
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Chris Duane: End of London Fix is the Beginning of the End of Silver Manipulation

The EndSilver Shield’s Chris Duane joins Sean from the SGTReport to discuss last week’s PM market bombshell that the London fix will end Aug 14th.
Duane states that the end of the fix is the beginning of the end of the silver manipulation.
Duane’s full interview with SGT is below: [Read more...]

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silver break freeIn this excellent interview with Finance and Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Chris Duane discusses the likelihood that the CIA is involved with Bitcoin as a method to funnel wealth away from gold and silver into an electronic currency and as a method to preserve their power during and after the coming collapse of the US dollar.
Duane contends that the next move in silver will break the financial system as the debt Ponzi ultimately implodes and the current decline below $20 will soon be a distant memory to precious metals investors.
Full MUST LISTEN interview is below:
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THEY Are Going To Confiscate YOUR Silver!!!

swat milk raidIn his latest must watch video, the Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane examines the likelihood that the government will ever attempt to confiscate silver.
Duane destroys the myth and irrational fears that a door-to-door confiscation of silver is coming, and like The Doc, makes the case that the most likely targets for a Federal confiscation of precious metals would be ETF stockpiles and nationalization of mines.   The real threat of confiscation of your wealth is via inflation, and confiscation of paper retirement funds and vehicles.
Chris Duane’s full analysis on the potential for a national gold & silver confiscation is below:
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Chris Duane on Why Silver Has Not Gone Up

jones gold 2In his latest update, Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane responds to questions on why silver has traded down over the past year and a half since May 2011, and whether it is time to follow many precious metals analysts, and sell their metals.
Duane responds by discussing silver’s Giffen good status, market sentiment, and a review of the fundamentals.
Duane states that while this is the right path, it is not the easiest to walk, and urges precious metals investors ready to throw in the towel to consider the fact that the western financial system is in orders of magnitude worse condition today than it was in 2008 when the entire system came within 1 hour of shutting down.
Chris Duane’s full response on why silver has not gone up over the past 2 years, as well as his outlook over the next several years for the metals and markets in general is below: [Read more...]

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End of the Petrodollar?!

petro dollarIn his latest video, Chris Duane digs in to the UK Daily Mail report that the Saudis have severed diplomatic ties with the US, and are dropping the petro-dollar in response to the failure of the Kerry-Obama team to launch a Syrian invasion.
Duane states the Saudi threats are a hoax aimed to increase pressure on the Obama administration to refocus the war machine on Iran and Syria.
Duane ponders whether Dick Cheney’s plans for a false flag on Americans to justify an Iranian invasion will soon be implemented or whether enough of the world has awoken to the debt & death paradigm to prevent the kick off of World War 3. [Read more...]

The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth Is Coming

empire revoltIn his latest Truth Never Told video, Dont-Tread-On.Me’s Chris Duane discusses the coming transfer of wealth that will be the greatest in all of human history.
As the paper and digital wealth of all nations are destroyed and only real assets remain, will you be on the receiving or losing end of the greatest transfer of wealth in history?
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