no more secrets bankerAs a response to the launch of the New Asian Development Bank, the economic war that the US has been waging appears to have taken a new turn.
Using speculation of an economic decline in China as a psychological weapon and market manipulation, Washington’s reaction to the steps taken by Beijing and Moscow to curb US influence and the US dollar appears to have led to the launching of a financial attack on the Chinese stock market.

The aim of the attack was to hurt investor confidence in the Chinese economy and to ignite divestment through massive selloffs.
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supernovaA supernova is a stellar explosion that is so bright it momentarily outshines the entire galaxy.  The most massive supernovae are caused by stars which collapse under their own gravity, sending massive shockwaves radiating outwards into space.   Any onlooker happening to see a supernova might be forgiven for thinking that these super-bright objects are the most awesome stars in the sky — but that bright spot is just an epic final burst of remaining energy.
At their brightest moment, we are actually witnessing stellar death.