From the moment China became an elephant player in the physical market – selling gold is a one way street!
Western sell-offs are shipped to China but do not return
The global gold game has changed.
This will TURBO CHARGE the ramp up in the price of gold the next time the West shows interest in the metal…

ChinaGFMS has denied all allegations about their incomplete Chinese gold demand statistics by continuously making up false arguments.
Therefore, we will debunk, once and for all such arguments spread by GFMS – which are supposed to explain how from January 2007 until September 2016 the difference between GFMS’ Chinese gold demand and apparent supply reached over 4,500 tonnes – in order to expose true Chinese gold demand:

China-GoldIn the detailed analysis below, Koos Jansen provides more proof the “precious metals assets” on Chinese commercial bank balance sheets have little to do with the “surplus” gold in China’s domestic market:

puzzleThere is little doubt that the rapid expansion of both dollar-denominated debt and monetary quantities since the financial crisis will lead us into a currency crisis.
We just don’t know when, and the dollar is not alone…

trojan-horseThis is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand how and why the SDR is nothing more than the monetary instrument of the one world, one Government globalists.
At first, Coats’ statements are infuriating – especially the assertions that are entirely incorrect, like “China doesn’t produce much gold” [sic] – but if you stick with it, you begin to understand why Sun Tsu said “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

china-shanghaiIn 2013 we’ve witnessed the inception of the Chinese gold ETF market.   At first demand for the gold ETFs was neglectable, as investors mostly preferred to buy physical gold directly at the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) or buy jewelry or investment bars through retail channels.
This year, however, there has been a major shift in gold ETF demand in China…

China goldFor China, gold’s strategic mission lies in the support of renminbi internationalization, and so let China become a world economic power and make sure that the China Dream is realized… gold forms the very material basis for modern fiat currencies. 
Gold is the world’s only monetary asset that has no counter party risk.
That is why, in order for gold to fulfill its destined mission, we must raise our gold holdings a great deal…

china goldFrankly, this is a disgrace and a scandal, and shows that the Chinese auction methodology is far more transparent that its London counterpart.
The Chinese will at some stage call time-out when ready, and allow the Shanghai Gold Price Benchmark to really shift up a gear to generate physical gold prices that will disconnect from the COMEX and LBMA pass the parcel shenanigans.

petro dollar sunset WillieIn this MUST LISTEN extended interview, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie forecasts why the Chinese are set to take over the daily gold fix (particularly in the wake of last week’s London silver fix fiasco), and are set to announce RMB gold futures contracts…

Shanghai Gold Exchange SGE withdrawals 2009 - 2016 JanuaryIt seems the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is continuing to publish the amount of gold bars withdrawn from the vaults on a monthly basis. For the month of January “SGE withdrawals” accounted for 225 tonnes, down 1 % from December. After the first weekly SGE reports in 2016 did not disclose SGE withdrawal data and phone calls to the bourse in Shanghai answered these numbers would not be published anymore we can wonder why the Chinese have changed their stance.

China goldIn my 20-minute presentation I clearly explained why I think Chinese gold demand is not what mainstream consultancy firms (GFMS, WGC, Metals Focus, CPM Group) would like you to believe.
(surprise, surprise…) The recording of my presentation on Chinese gold demand is not allowed by Scotiabank to be republished on YouTube.

So what I did is re-record the presentation: