1st Half Gold Exports from Switzerland to Asia: 600 Tonnes

Gold as a weapon in a global currency warAccording to the latest figures by the Swiss Customs Administration, the country has exported a total of more than 600 tonnes of gold to Asia in the first half of this year.
The graph below clearly shows the flow of physical gold to Asia: [Read more...]

SGE Withdrawals Hit 920 Tons YTD

china goldWhile the mainstream would have you believe otherwise,  Chinese (wholesale) gold demand is still trending upward.
The SGE chairman, Xu Luode, confirmed this last week at the LBMA forum in Singapore.

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Chinese Gold Imports Through Hong Kong Declined in May

saudi goldAccording to the latest numbers figures by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, China has imported less gold in May.
Gold futures in Shanghai are currently being traded at a discount to the international London gold price
This development suggests Chinese demand has cooled down somewhat from the 2013 high.
Last year  Chinese bank imported a total of 1.158,15 tonnes of gold through Hong Kong, when the price of the yellow metal dropped the most in more than three decades.

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Are Chinese Gold Imports Really Down This Year?

china goldThe answer is, we don’t know.  And we don’t know because we can’t know.  Reuters ran a story this morning which asserted that China’s gold imports had dropped to a 16-month low in May.  But the truth is, we don’t know what China’s total imports in May were.
There have been several reports and commentaries which suggest that China’s demand for gold is declining this year.
The conclusion is that the gold is headed for another down-leg.
Seemingly, the current action in the gold market is contradicting the premise that gold is headed lower
If I were U.S. policy-makers, I would be worried about the reasons China has decided to go “cloak and dagger” on their gold imports…
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LBMA Forum Singapore: SGE Chairman Confirms Chinese Gold Demand In 2013 Hit 2000 MT, Pushes for Chinese Gold ‘Fix’

LBMA Singapore 2014 Xu LuodeThe official Chinese gold demand figure for 2013 according to the World Gold Council was 1189 tons. 
At an LBMA forum in Singapore this week however, Xu Luode, the Chairman of the Shanghai Gold Exchange informed the audience that “The Chinese consumption demand of gold hit 2000 tons in 2013“.  
So much for the Western financial media’s denial of epic Chinese demand for gold. 
The official confirmation of massive Chinese gold demand wasn’t the only take-away from the forum however, as Luode announced China’s goal of instituting a Chinese daily ‘fix’ for gold similar to the London fix. 
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Hong Kong Is The Key In Global Gold Trade…For Now

China goldAt this moment there are 12 banks that can import gold into China.
These banks have a PBOC license to import gold, though for every shipment they need a new approval.
Before approval the gold is “parked out of China…and only transferred and shipped into China when needed”, – which should be interpreted as only shipped into China when PBOC approval is granted.
In the past years most gold that entered China mainland came in through Hong Kong. Why? Because Hong Kong was the parking spot for gold outside of China before it was allowed to be imported.
This will soon change as the Shanghai FTZ will take over this role. [Read more...]

Jeffrey Christian Claims Investment Gold Demand Higher In Switzerland Than China!

Daniela Cambone Jeff ChristianI just stumbled upon a video which I had almost forgot about.
It’s an interview with Jeff Christian by Daniela Cambone from Kitco News, discussing the physical gold market, specifically the role of Switzerland and China.
Mr. Christian claims that investment gold demand is higher in Switzerland than in China.
I disagree. [Read more...]

China Develops Gold Mining In Central Asia

China goldIt appears that China’s insatiable lust for gold has expanded beyond domestic & African production & Western vaults to Central Asia.  [Read more...]

The Bank Of England Lost 755 Tonnes Of Gold In 2013

caption contestAccording to the official 2014 report, the BoE had 755 tonnes less gold in their vaults in February 2014 relative to February 2013.
However, when we look at UK’s net gold trade over this period (March 2013 – February 2014), we can see 1593 tonnes were exported.
GLD’s stock lost 451 tonnes over this period.
This leaves a gap of 392 tonnes (1593 minus 1201), which had to be supplied by additional LBMA or private vaults in London.
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China’s Largest Gold Company Seeks To Become Kingmaker In Gold Industry

return of the kingChina National Gold Group Corporation or China Gold, China’s largest gold conglomerate with primary interests in mining and also refining, is on the hunt for global acquisitions and partnerships, the company’s president said yesterday.
Mr. Song said that his company is searching for opportunities in the gold and silver markets. “The growing strategy is very clear: We are going out looking at things globally,” he said through an interpreter. “We have a few opportunities, at different stages.”
For 53 years the Chinese people were banned from owning gold.
But that all changed in 2003, and now the enormous demand by 1.3 billion Chinese over the last ten years is causing an important paradigm shift, as gold and silver moves from the West to the East.
The ramifications of that paradigm shift have yet to be appreciated.

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Jim Rickards: Gold “Demand Shock” Coming From China Credit Crises

empty-vaultJim Rickards, author of NY Times Bestseller The Death of Money, has just reported that the head of global commodities trading at LBMA bank is expecting an imminent gold “demand shock” as a result of the Chinese credit crisis. 
Is the long anticipated demand side supply squeeze in physical gold finally here? 
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Chinese Gold Demand An Epic 823 MT YTD, Shanghai Silver Scarce

SHFE silver backwardation june 6, 2014Silver remains scarce in Shanghai, premiums for spot silver this week have been above 6 percent over the international price and some contracts on the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) are still trading in backwardation.
On June 6, when the SHFE closed, the bid price for the first delivery month silver contract, which expires on June 16, was ¥ 4058 yuan. The ask price for the December contract was ¥ 4053 yuan.
This means that when you own physical silver, or can get your hands on any, you can sell it in June and at the same time buy it back in December for less money.
Silver delivered in June trades over a premium to silver delivered in December, which emphasizes spot demand.
Normally precious metals trade in contango; future prices being higher than spot. [Read more...]

Jim Willie’s MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER: Japan, Saudis, & Germany Will Turn Against US, Join Russian Alliance!


shockedIn Part 2 of his most EXPLOSIVE interview ever, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie was on fire, dropping numerous new BOMBSHELLS for SD listeners:

  • Dead Petro-Dollar Event Coming- Saudis set to announce the acceptance of ANY CURRENCY for oil, ALL OPEC Nations to Follow!!
  • US Economy in Free-fall- stark evidence screaming full collapse ahead as monetary velocity plunges to 20 year lows!
  • QE has been a dead-weight millstone on the neck of the US economy- true purpose is to collapse the US economy and institute global fascism!
  • And Willie’s MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER: Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, & Germany are preparing to turn against the US, & join the Chinese/Russian Alliance!

Jim Willie’s full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:  [Read more...]

Jim Willie: “We’re Watching a Systemic Breakdown, & the Death of a Nation!”

The EndIn this MUST LISTEN interview with Finance & Liberty, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie explains why the Eastern world will stop using the U.S. dollar and return to a gold standard, and goes on an Epic Rant regarding the control that the banksters currently hold over the US & Western financial system. 
Willie states that “We’re watching a systemic breakdown, & the death of a nation” and that the current SATANIC SYSTEM is coming to a sudden end. 
Willie’s full interview is below:
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Meanwhile…The Chinese Have Accelerated Their Gold Accumulation

china bank runThey sell…we buy.  
Ancient Chinese secret… [Read more...]